Week Nine

This week in Main Street I thought that it was really cool to deliver the checks to the organizations. I really liked being able to see the places where the people work as well as where the bikes our made for Variety. With seeing the Make-a-Wish Wisconsin facility I was a little bit surprised on the amount of space they had and the number of workers that helped fulfill the wishes. I really liked how everyone there seamed very committed to their jobs which was really good to see. When we went to the place where Variety made their bikes I felt very happy. I felt this because it was so cool to see the little boy Levi as he got fitted for his bike and how excited he was for it. It was also very inspiring to be able to see the hope and joy it gave to his mom and siblings when they say how happy he was on the bike. Overall I think that this was one of the coolest lessons of Main Street.

Week 8

A.) Our group decided which organization to give to based off of the panel discussions and the amount of money that they give back to the organization itself. We decided to give all of our money to Make-a-Wish because we didn’t raise that much so it would not have impacted an organization at all really if we would have split it up.

B.) My experience in working in a group has been good. We all worked together to pick out our organization as well as our fundraiser so it worked out well. As a group we are agreeing on where the money goes along with other things such as if we wanted to split it up at all.

C.) For this coming week I am expecting it to be really cool to see the organizations that we are donating our money to in person. I think that it will be interesting to see what the facilities look like as well as meeting the people that work with the organizations. I also hope to learn more about the organizations we visit and how they make their missions happen.

Week Seven

This week I interviewed my dad. I interviewed him because I thought he would have thought about these questions in the past and would have an idea in his head already. Somethings he said that surprised me was that the problem he would fix in the world was fairness. I had never really thought about that as a problem before but when he said that it made sense to me. Another things that surprised me was that he felt like the way he made a meaning full difference was by leading by good example. I thought it would be something that he did or experienced not something that happens without you knowing that it is actually happening. I learned from this conversation that he does give to charities and organizations and which ones he gives to. I also learned how he felt about fairness and how he thinks that our world really needs to improve on that as a whole.

Week Six

A.) From the non-profit panel I was able to learn more in depth about the charities the other groups were interested in. I also was able to learn more about the organization my group brought in Big Brothers, Big Sisters by the body language the speaker gave off. I learned that the panel itself had to be ready for any questions and they also had to know how to respond to questions that they didn’t know. I never really realized how prepared they had to be to answer any questions.

B.) From my teams fund raising activity I am learning that it is hard to sell something and make a profit from it. My group is selling pens and its a lot harder to get people to buy a pen then I thought it would be. We are selling them for only for $1 dollar so I though it would be easier to buy. The problem is that with pens many people at school have them already and maybe don’t want to have one more pen in their locker.

C.) The thing that I think is going to be exciting for my group is that if and when we raise our money to give to the charity will be giving the charity the check. I think that it will be really cool to see how the charity reacts to when we give them the money and learning what they are going to do with it.

Week Five

A.)  I am learning many different ways to evaluate an investment in a company because I have never really looked deeper in depth on it.  One method that I learned is to look at the companies 990.  Another method that we could use is talking to them face to face or through some other form of communication.  I feel that evaluating the 990 is a better idea because the numbers don’t lie or they shouldn’t.  Through the 990 we can discover their total revenue, fundraising, expenses, program expenses and many other forms of money that could be spent on different things.

B.) I think that it is somewhat hard because you don’t always know where to look.  Another reason why it is somewhat hard because you have to make sure you are looking at the right numbers and make sure you know the proper way to evaluate and that you can understand the numbers correctly.  It is also hard because you don’t know if you talk to an agent in person if they are telling you the correct data or if they are just telling you the data that best represents the company.

Week Four

A.) My charity that I was looking into was Make a Wish.  Make-A-Wish helps children who have life threatening medical conditions, get one life long wish.  Through my research I learned that many of the people who work with Make-A-Wish are volunteers meaning that they do this out of the kindness of their hearts.  I also learned that they Make-A-Wish team goes to even last length to make sure that the day of the wish is the child’s perfect day.  I also learned that a child can wish to go, be ,meet, or wish for something.  I think that it is really cool how they have the options of the different wish types.

B.)  It is important to look at numbers before you make an investment because you don’t want your hard earned money to go towards paying the staff at that company.  It is also important to look at it because you want to make sure that the charity you are giving to actually gives the money to the people.  From their tax forms I learned that 76% of the donated dollar goes towards making the wish’s come true which I though was a pretty good present even though it could be a little higher.

Week Three

a.) Well doing main street philanthropy this week I really liked creating our Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statement.  I though this was very interesting to see what the rest of my group had in mind what to write for these topics.  I also liked writing these things because it allowed me to think more in depth about the effects that this money we raise will have on our charity we choose.  I also thought that is was really important to take these 3 things very seriously because the people we come into contact with might ask to see these things so if we don’t put time into them they may not take us seriously.

b.)  I think that when we reach out the different organizations we might have to explain things a lot to them.  I also think that some of them may not take us seriously because we are just kids in high school.  I hope that the organizations are excited to see what we can really do.  I also think that some of the organizations might not even respond because they will be so busy.  I hope that this is not the case though because I think it is really important to be able to be in contact with the charity we are planing on giving money to.

(Liza R.)

Week Two

1.a) In week two of Main Street Philanthropy we got our groups that we will do our project with for the rest of the class.  Once we were put into groups we did the brown paper bag activity.  In this activity I learned that some of my group mates like the same shows.  I learned about myself that I don’t like talking about things that I like to do.  I thought that it was hard to explain the items that I brought in in deeper meanings.

b.)  Some ideas that we had as a team was that we could do a brat fry.  We thought that we could do it at Piggly Wiggly in Kewaskum.  We would probably hold it in early to mid October.


Week One

A.) I thought that the MAD card were really cool and a good way to start off our first real Main Street Philanthropy lesson.  I thought that it was hard to only pick the three most important topics.  Somethings that I learned about myself was that I have a lot of issues that interest me and that I care about.  I also learned of different groups that are in need of help.  For example I didn’t even think that historical building preservation was an issue until I saw the cards.  Some things that I learned about my classmates is that a lot of them have similar interest in important maters.  An example of this was a lot of the boys picked military as one of their top choices.  Another thing that I learned was that most of the cards were at least bough up once which also showed me that we all have different important issues that we care about.

B.)  One thing I want to gain well participating in this program is gaining more knowledge on how different charities and organizations function and spend their money that people give.  I also want to learn different ways I can help to earn money for the programs so I can give the money back to the charities.  Finally I hope to gain how to easily incorporate it into my everyday life in the future.