Entry 9

When we delivered the checks to the organizations that my group and other groups donated to it was really cool and it made me feel good inside. There was a little boy that was at the bike shop that we went to that was getting fitted with his new bike, the smile on his face was priceless, he was so happy that he can finally be like everyone else and be able to bike even with his disability. I am glad that we picked to donate to this organization and I believe that our money that we raised will be used to make other children that are in need of bikes happy just like the young boy that was at the bike shop when we stopped by to donate.

Dylan M

Entry 8

MY team decided to donate to Variety and also to donate some money to make a bike for Devon the grandson of the lady that came into talk to us about Make a Wish.We determine just to donate all of the 910 dollars that we earned. We decided to donate to Variety because we believe that it best fit our purpose and vision statement.

This experience of working in a group environment was fun, because coming together with a team of people with the same goal to make people happy and give back is just a great opportunity and experience. I think that we all worked well together and it was pretty easy making decisions and we all agreed on them. We didn’t have any disagreement.

I am looking forward to next week for graduation and to share to the outside people what Main Street was all about and what all of the different stuff we did each week, and also all of the work that was done behind the scenes to make the money and donations happen.


Entry 7

My experience dong a interview with a family member was a pretty cool one, seeing the difference between what my life is now compared to what theirs was. I interviewed my Older sister because we have a big age difference so are lives were different and the interview answers show that. Mostly everything surprised me because i didn’t realize how much are lives were different until I interviewed the answer and such, I learned that I need to be more grateful on the things that I do have right now because it wasn’t soon good it the past.

Dylan M

Entry 6

Some things that I learned from the non- profit is that they grant the donors donation and put the the money wherever the donor wants. Some other things that I learned about my charity is that 81 cents of the dollar is donated back.
Some things that I am learning from my team’s fundraising activity is that it is a lot of hard work. You have to make sure that you are putting time into this fundraiser because if you are not then you might not even break even and not have any money to donate.
Some things that are going to be exciting about being a philanthropist is that it is cool that we all have a mission to donate to a charity that helps kids with disabilities and that we are on the right track to doing so. I think that it is a great opportunity to give back to the people that need it and really show that we care about their health, and help make a change.

-Dylan M

Entry Five Dylan

I am learning a lot about the charity that I researched and looked at their 990. Some thing that i learned is that that they give back 81 cents every dollar that they earned. Some other things you can look at are how they invested their money. They most likely had to invest a lot of money in the beginning but that is why you have to look at other years after that.

I am finding out that it is a lot easier then I thought it would be, by looking at the tax return I can tell if it is a good charity to donate to or not.

Entry 4 Dylan May

My organization that I am researching is VSA of Wisconsin. I learned that experiences in art enhance personal growth. and enable future success. I also learned that VSA started in a one day festival that was founded in 1974.

It is important to look at the numbers before you are making an investment because you don’t want to lose money. If you invest in something you want to make sure you are going to make it grow and make money. also make sure that whatever you are investing in ┬áis selling such as a product. When I looked at the tax return for my organization I learned that if donations stopped the charity would be shutdown within a week.




My experience when I was creating our Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statements was a very cool one. When all of our group members came together and determined who we are going to target and what we are going to sell. I think that this experience is very cool so far.

I think that the organizations are going to be excited to work with us and watch us grow into this Main Street Philanthropy role and experience.

Dylan M

Week two

The Brown Paper bag experiment was a very cool way of getting to know my team mates and the interest that they all enjoy. I noticed and learned stuff about each of my partners, I learned that most of us have some what the same interest but all different perspectives of why we enjoy that.


At this point in time my group is still up in the air about what we want to do to raise money. Some of the ideas that my group came up with are selling noise makers at the football game or sporting events, we would sell these to the parents and the students. I think that we would be able to raise a lot of noise makers since everyone likes cheering on the sporting teams and being loud.

Dylan May

Week One

My experience using the MAD cards was quiet interesting, I was surprised in a way with how many of us had in common with what we would do. I think all of them I would have picked if I could, just because there were so many that have a big impact on the world today.

Some Things that I hope to gain from participating in the Main Street Philanthropy Program is giving back and help make this community and world that we live in today better.