Week 9

I felt really good when we delivered the checks it made me feel good inside. It also made me feel like I did something good for once because even tho it wasn’t as much as I hoped it still made a difference and to just see the smiles on everyone’s face made a bigger difference. This all was the best thing that could ever happen it made me so happy. I loved meeting two of the people that were getting a Bike and to talk to them and to see that no matter the obstacle u can overcome it and still make your dreams can always come true even if you go through a lot

week 8 Dakota Lawrenz

We decided on the organization that touched us the most. The other reason we decided on make a wish is that they were able to talk to us and make us feel for them. Another thing is they had the best presentation in my opinion. The way that we chose the amount is we loved their charity the most out of all of them so we decided to donate it all. We also were helped by Donna and two other groups in the classroom. My experience has been really good and fun experience. I found it hard to raise money but it is easy now because all that’s left is to give the money to people. Yes we are all in agreement on the decisions and the reason that we were is we all loved the charity and we all decided on the way to raise money. I expect to see happy faces and everyone to meet the people we donated to.

Week 6 msp Dakota Lawrenz

Dakota Lawrenz,

1) I thought that the panel discussion went really great this past Friday. I thought that it wouldn’t be as smooth as it was and their would be a lot of information brought to light than their was. The panel discussion shocked me because it showed that the people that are looking for money are really nice and are really thankful for us just wanting to donate to them. I was also shocked because I figured that when the panelists came in they wouldn’t be prepared but they were. I also thought that what they were saying was really helpful on making choices on who to keep in mind when donating.

2) what am I learning from my fundraisers? The things that I am learning from my fundraisers is that it is hard but not hard at the Same time to get people to donate to charity because people keep saying that it is a tough time so they don’t have money or they just don’t have money. I found it easy because their are people wanting to donate and those people ask about the charities and what we are doing for them. The last thing that I learned from my fundraisers is that it is also fun because you get to enlighten people about the other charites out their and say how and why they mean so much to you.

3) the exciting part about being in mainsreet philampathy is that you know that you are doing a good thing, and that makes me feel really good. Another good thing is that we will be able to show each other that we are willing to work for something that we care dearly about and are willing to put in the time and effort. I can’t wait till the day that we hit our goal of selling enough to get $450 and then put the rest of the money to buying toys for the kids. This means a lot to me so I am happy to do it. I also can’t wait to present the checks to the charity’s.

Dakota Lawrenz Hour 4..

Dakota Lawrenz,

I am learning that you should know about the company that you are investing in. The things that I mean about that is like we had to do  like look at their tax returns and make sure that you donate to something that means a lot to you and don’t just invest in companies that you don’t know what they do with their money and that doesn’t mean a lot to you. I don’t see That one value is better than the other they are all things that you need to do to make sure your investing in something good. I think that it easy because they first mean a lot to me and I think that they deserve the money. I also think that it is easy because people are willing to give money to non profit organizations because they know that they do not have a lot of money so they are willing to help.

Week 4

Dakota Lawrenz,

What did I do learn about my charity???

I learned that my charity gives a lot back to the community and that my charity helps out a lot of people that are in desperate need. I also learned that my charity is in need of donations. My charity also is there for a lot of people.

It is important to look at  a companies numbers because it shows you everything that they are doing with their money which could or couldn’t make the difference if you want to donate money to that charity. I learned that they give a lot of money to charities. Also that they keep little amounts of money.

dakota lawrenz

After I did the (MAD). make a difference. I learned that i care more about other people than I do about myself. I also learned that things that I don’t show I care about I actually do. The things that I learned about others is that we care about some of the same things and that is good because then we have things to talk about. I hope to gain a lot. I want to gain the helping factor which is where you actually help the things you care about. I also want to be able to give that big check at the end.