Week 8

In week 8 we finally decided where are hard earned money goes. Each group had to make a power point about there group, what there mission statement was, and who they are going to give there money to. We decided to give are money to variety. We had the intent to have variety make a bike for Sandy’s grandson but she would have to fill out an application and it just seemed like to much. So the money is going to a bike for some other boy or girl.

Final Blog- Autumn Vorpahl

1) I will remember that sometimes something maybe to hard to accomplish but if you never give up you will come out with a good outcome. (Our fundraiser for example) No matter where you are team work is going to be a big thing, and you have to learn to work together.

2) I use to volunteer at Puppy land Humane Society and enjoyed helping animals, i hope to maybe volunteer at a different Humane Society and or a organization for children. I hope to give more time to helping others out when they need help and to donating items or money to organizations.

Week 9

I felt really good when we delivered the checks it made me feel good inside. It also made me feel like I did something good for once because even tho it wasn’t as much as I hoped it still made a difference and to just see the smiles on everyone’s face made a bigger difference. This all was the best thing that could ever happen it made me so happy. I loved meeting two of the people that were getting a Bike and to talk to them and to see that no matter the obstacle u can overcome it and still make your dreams can always come true even if you go through a lot

Week 9 – Alex Johnson

When we delivered the check to our chosen organization it made me feel good, to finally give to people who make differences in others life’s. I knew the money would go to good use because the people who ran the charity wanted to make peoples life’s a lot better, and too me that is amazing. I am very happy we decided to choose the charity we did and I hope this can encourage more people to give, whether that be money or time.

Week 9 Joe

This week our class had the opportunity to go and visit the charities we chose to donate our money to. Unfortunately I was unable to go due to previously planned events. The class all had great things to say about the trip. Everyone was happy to see the money we donated was going to great things. We took our time to collect the money and choose our charities, and the charities were very grateful for our work. They expressed their gratitude to us and were very friendly to the class. Although I couldn’t be there, I still felt great to see our hard work and money went to great causes. Everything we did paid off and it feels great to give back.


Week 9 BB

I think that the deliveries of the money to the organizations went very well. They were very and happy and thankful for the hard work we have done and what we donated. Overall it was worth all the hard work to see the smile on there faces.

Week 9

It made me feel good to deliver the checks. I was happy to see how the organizations really appreciated what we did. Also, it was a great experience to see how variety made the bikes for the children.
-Eric Doll

Entry 9

A) Last Friday my class and I delivered a check for 1,660 dollars to Variety, the Children’s Charity of Wisconsin. We also donated a check of over 600 dollars to Make a Wish Foundation. It was truly a great feeling to actually donate the money. I felt very satisfied when I saw exactly where my money was going. Seeing the the young handicapped boy get on his bike for the first time really made me feel happy. This experience also allowed me realize that all of the time spent to raise the money was definitely worth it. I now truly know that the money we raised is going to a great cause. This Friday we will delivering a check for nearly 400 dollars to the Kewaskum Food Pantry. I am really looking forward to this because the Kewaskum Food Pantry is the charity that my group is donating the most money to.

Zack Brogaard

Week 9

1.a) Delivering the checks last week actually went much better than I was expecting it to. I knew delivering them would be a good experience that I would enjoy, but it actually was even better than what I thought it was going to be. Actually going to the charities and meeting the people who work there and are devoted to give their time to the different organizations was much more inspiring. Even more inspiring and informational than talking to the people on the phone, reading, or listening to the panel discussions. When the charities received the checks you could really tell how grateful and happy they were to receive our donations, which made you actually feel like your hard work did in fact pay off. My favorite part was delivery my groups check to Variety, and meeting the recipient of the bike. Hearing from his mom, and a mom who also received a bike for her son from Variety in the past touched me greatly. I know now that our money was put towards a good cause, that will be able to better this child’s life and provide them with an experience that may not have been possible without our help.

-Hunter Garcia

Entry 9

When we delivered the checks to the organizations that my group and other groups donated to it was really cool and it made me feel good inside. There was a little boy that was at the bike shop that we went to that was getting fitted with his new bike, the smile on his face was priceless, he was so happy that he can finally be like everyone else and be able to bike even with his disability. I am glad that we picked to donate to this organization and I believe that our money that we raised will be used to make other children that are in need of bikes happy just like the young boy that was at the bike shop when we stopped by to donate.

Dylan M