Week 6 & 7

I learned that the people from the non-profit panel care so much for what they do. And it will be very hard to decide what organization to give out funds to. I am learning that the fund raising activity is harder than it probably should be. But we should have everything figured out soon and we will be back on track.

My team decided that we would give out funds to Make a Wish foundation because it was the organization that we thought went a long best with out mission statement. And we decided that we would give all of our funds to Make a Wish foundation because they stand for an amazing cause.  My experience working in a group was a little harder this year but we have gotten work done. And we did end up deciding upon the same organization. And we did not disagree very much. I expect that people will be very appreciative of what we give to the organizations. And that they will be very great full.

Week 5

The best method about learning about the various ways to evaluate an investment in a company would be over a call or face to face.  I believe that the face to face method has more value because you get direct answers and you get to see the numbers and they will explain thing to you.

I am finding it difficult to evaluate non-profit organizations for potential investment in their cause because people will not call you back. And even if they don’t call you back and you email them they still will not email you back. It is a difficult process but you don’t ever give up.

Week 4 Blog

At the Central Florida Children’s Home people care for children whose parents either cannot or will not provide for them due to certain circumstances in the child’s life, and/or difficulties in the parents’ lives. And they work with churches and councilors to rehabilitees the homes, and the community is served by children who grow to become productive and responsible citizens.

It is important to look at the number s before making an investment because you need to see what each organization actually does with their money. Like is they just save all the money that is donated or if the money that is being donated to the organization is actually being used to help the organization or help with making the mission statement of the organization is fulfilling its purpose.