Week 7:what’s your favorite charity?

My experience from my interview was quite interesting. I found out a lot of surprising information from the person I had interviewed. I interviewed my weightlifting teacher because I wanted to interview someone I barely knew anything about. The thing that surprised me the most of what he said was that he either donates his time or money to A place for Grace and it surprised me because last year my group donated to them. I learned from that conversation was that everyone you meet in life will surprise you in a positive way.

Week 6: What do insiders say?

From my experience that I have gratefully encountered , it has made the decision on how to distribute our funds much more beneficial to my team. The panel was also a positive experience for myself and most likely my classmates. One of the panels got me to be emotional to their organization.

I am learning from my team’s fundraising activity that many students like to buy baked goods and that they are understanding on what our purpose for selling the goods.

Week 5: what’s beyond the numbers?

From the various ways I evaluated an investment in a company, I learned that although different organizations may have the same purpose they serve, they do things differently. Like for instance, one organization could use their money in good use and another could be using their money they received in a wrong way. I can see more of a value to one method than another.

I find it to be quite fascinating to evaluate non profit organizations and learning about their cause. I believe it’s also another eye opener for myself to see what the organizations do for others.

Week 3: What’s your mission?

My experience from creating my Purpose,Vision, and Mission Statements was such a jovial experience. It started to make everything in the philanthropy program seem more than reality. From the hard and upset facts to the experience of looking up information on organizations.

I expect to encounter a positive experience from reaching out to organizations. I also expect to encounter a lot of questions about the philanthropy program and our reasons on our choosing in their organization.

Week 2: Who’s got team spirit?

From the Brown Paper Bag Activity, I have learned that many people in my class as well as myself are alike in different ways. The activity , I feel , has brought my classmates into a deeper knowledge of each other.

My team’s fundraiser will be a bake sale and we plan on trying to raise money in another way also. We plan on holding the bake sale at school and the other plan outside of school .

Week 1: What’s your passion?

My experience with the MAD cards was definitely an eye opener. From starting off with many cards to narrowing my choices of my top three cards was a difficult decision for myself. In that experience I learned that no matter how hard a decision is for myself , I can get through it . I learned that it was also a difficult decision on the other people in my class when they had to narrow their cards.

I hope to gain a life changing experience from the philanthropy program. I am hoping that from this participation everyone in my group gains a positive experience in this program.

Week 4: Does it all add up?

I know that the organization that my group has chosen for the philosophy project is a great organization. My team’s purpose is to help physically and mentally disabled kids and our organization is perfect.

It is important to look at an organization’s numbers before investing in it because you will know what they do with their money,how they spend it,and how good the organization’s ratio is. I learned from my organization’s tax returns is that they use their money efficiently and their management ratio is low.