Week 1

I learned how much I truly put God first. I leaned my friend, Kristin, is super interested in Science and research and that we both picked Veteran services. Her mom was a veteran and my grandfather fought in World War II. I also picked disaster relief because on mission trips with my church I would help out with emergency evacuations and situations.

Week 2

I learned that Christina, Franchesca and myself are all Christians, hence the Religious group. Both Christina and Franchesca love their family and Cjristina is extremely close with her brother, Aj. Franchesca lives her lif through pictures and Tiffany loves to sing and act as well as myself.

Week 3

I hope to reach Grace Landing. The director goes to my church and he speaks very passionately about his organization. I hope they are willing to come in because I think they really need it.

Week 7

I interviewed my grandmother who apparently grew up very wealthy. Her dad, My grandfather, was Bill Beck, the county commissioner for St. Cloud/ Kissimmee Florida. She was wealthy but very cheap. I learned she is always willing to talk to someone who is always willing to listen.

week 6

I learned how all theorganizations work and how they use their money whether it be wisely or not. I learned how hard it is with schedules to get people all together in one place.

Week 4

I learn my organization, Grace Landing, houses young men ages 18-24 to help them get on their feet whtether it be by getting them thorugh college. giving them jobs, or teaching them how to be all around good men. It important tosee where there money is going.