Week 4

About Give Kids The World, I learned that they use their money wisely. They only spend 8% of their money in administration, they have 10 part/full time paid staff members. It is important to look at the numbers before making an investment because we don’t want to donate money to a charity that spends their money paying their staff or giving a┬áreally high percentage of their money to the CEO.

Week 3

Creating a purpose, vision, and mission helps you how to reach your goals and understand more philanthropy. When reaching out to organizations, I expect some of them to not reply or answer our calls. They should because we are going to help them, but I know a couple will answer us and we will pick the best to invite them to an interview and pick one.

Week 2

From the paper bag activity, I learned that each one of us have different interests. Some of my classmates brought stuff that remind them about their family or where they come from. Others brought what they like to use the most. Our team fundraising will be selling chocolate bars and snacks and we will sell those during these next weeks.

Week 1

Using the MAD cards was easier for me than the other members of my class. I knew immediately that I wanted to focus on charities that support family and children care. I learned that everyone is different. Some around me liked animals and other were more of the religious side. From participating in the MSP program I hope to learn how to compare charities by using the 990’s & what they offer.

Week 8

Our group decided to donate our money to the organization Give Kids The World. Looking at their 990’s and based on what the representative told us, they are using their money wisely. Right now they are building a new building that it will be the new food court. They’re also building 26 new villas so more families can stay a week! I’m really exited our group agreed with this decision, so we really want to give them our money!

Week 7

This week I interviewed my dad because I pretty much know more about my mom than dad. I didn’t know my dad grew up in a farm but because he didn’t like it, he moved to the city when he married my mom and that’s where I was born and raised. I didn’t know also that he paid for one of my cousin’s first year of college because her parents told her to move out of the house so my dad helped her cause she was the only child. One thing I learned is that my dad’s always been positive and he told me to always be positive because that’s how I will succeed in life and it’s not that I’m not positive cause I am, it’s just that sometimes I doubt myself and he told me to stop doing that!

Week 6

When our group’s representative (Give Kids The World) came, she only had one person to compete with so it was pretty neat for her and for us to ask and answer questions. She answered every question we had, plus she invited us to her facility to visit and volunteer there. I used the guide questions to ask her and it really helped to get to know more information about this organization. She really provided a lot of the information we needed so we will be looking at this organization.