Week 9

Week 9 was by far the most entertaining for me. I watched as each group presented their donations and watching the recipients reach made my heart float. I personally liked my group because we had three people turn up to collect the donation and she told us how positively she would use the money and update their supplies. 

Week 8

This week my group turned in our raised money and finally decided on who receives our donation. The group isn’t delirious, we know our donation won’t make a world change but it can and will help the animals in my community. We chose the SPCA of the area which is also known as animal services. We chose them in hopes of helping animals at the source of the issue, where they end up first when they are abandoned. After meeting Amanda she was so emotionally connected to the cause it made the decision easier for me. I have liked working in my group because there are different perspectives and life experiences to learn and pull from.

Week 2

In the brown bag activity it was nice too see that while everyone comes from such different values we seem to have the same core values. We all came from different backgrounds and have been through different trials and tribulations but have such love for people and animals that seems to be the opposite of what would be expected. It’s nice to get to know my classmates better.

Week 3

It was fun to create a purpose with my group because there are so many things we want to do for the animals and choosing o one word to encompass it all is really difficult. I expect to encounter enthusiasm and dedication from majority if not all of the panelists in the coming weeks. I hope the group can answer all of our questions with honest, heartfelt answers. I think the most important part of the interviews is being able to see the expressions on each person’s face as they are asked and answer the questions.

Weeks 6 & 7

Well these past two weeks have been hectic to say the least. Our first panel day was a little lacking in personnel as well as questions, part of the problem lies in who was invited to the class. Myself and a few other in the class were involved in the program last year and had talked to the two individuals who came the previous year leaving us with little to no new questions. While neither of the two people who showed up the first day were my groups focal points they still had plenty of new information to give to the class as a whole. I really appreciate how enthusiastic each panel member was about their organization.

The second day we had a wonderful turn out with six people giving extraordinary input with the most heartfelt of responses. One response was from the Animal Services representative, our group, that touched my heart because it was so honest and emotional, it made several people in the class cry including the individual telling the story. Because of such good responses I feel that I know who I want our donations to go to and I believe most of my group feels the same way.

Our fundraiser is moving, slowly, but moving; we have had several bake sales in the last two weeks and are having several more in the coming days. Good luck to everyone still fundraising with us!!

Okay: Week 7:

I interviewed my brothers Lieutenant, Steve Ritenour, at his previous fire station because he is a very kind and knowledgeable man who my brother respects and since I respect my brother it seemed like a good idea: I was right. Mr. Ritenour was able to help me do a stock analysis for one of my classes this year so I knew he had a surplus of knowledge about charitable giving that I didn’t know about. Apparently he gives some of his stock dividends to the city which helps get more jobs for firefighters like himself and my brother. It was nice to learn that not everyone is in it for themselves but for some greater picture at play.


Week 5

This past week we reviewed out tax analysis and while only one of our organizations had a full 990 available to be reviewed in depth (SPCA). Though the quantitative data looked remarkably good their qualitative data doesn’t quite work to their advantage; after looking at various community blog and review sites they have absolutely terrible customer service, not to mention there has been negligence claims toward them. I take qualitative data a little more seriously because it shows where the organization leaders hearts truly lie. I feel that quantitative data can be easily changed with fund changes and accountancy changes, better people to manage the money flow and allocations.

Week 4 – Money

This week we went over what to look at within an organizations finances. I think it is extremely important to review the 990 forms because even if it has a large following and is “reputable” it may be using all of its income on just fundraising and salaries. While those two aspects are important, that means they aren’t attributing their funds to the actual cause that gave them a purpose. My organizations are extremely influential according to their 990s since they all make over 1.5 mil.

Week 1 – Year 2!

This is my second year being involved in this program and I forgot how hard the MAD cards were to pick out. I actually chose different cards this year but I don’t think it was strictly because of a change in my interests. Last year my group chose to support the veterans and I still feel wholeheartedly for them, but I ran into a lot of issues last year by receiving negative feedback from all of the people I contacted. I really do think it matters how people perceive their first impression of you, yet the first impression can also be a false one as the person may be just as nervous as you are. Okay, as for what I learned about myself is that my ideals have been intensified through the different programs I am involved in including Best Buddies. What I learned about others is that we are much more alike than what I had originally assumed and I think this year the program will bring us closer together.