week three

When you create a purpose , vision and mission it helps you organize and really understand what your reason is for the group. What I expect when reaching out to groups is to hear sories and I’m also hoping to see the faith and persistence in these charities.

week one

The cards that i have chosen was animals , gospel help and also medical. I had these cards as my main idea because I love God and spreading the Gospel and I also care for animals since they are always pushed aside and are not known to be important.

week 8

Charity that my group had chosen is Grace landing.  This charity was picked because we saw that needs was really being met by the foundation and people who worked there. We have done bake sales and even got donations from the group. I am happy with our decision.

week 4

The organization the my group did was Grave Landing. I actually learned some good information especially because I have never heard of this charity before. Besides dealing with their numbers I feel like this group is so amazing because it works with teenage boys that are struggling and charity’s I have come across tend to always be about women and children.

week 5

What I am leaning about the various ways to evaluate an investment in a company is that there is so much more information needed then I thought. When choosing a charity to give to , you also have to think about and  look at the way the charity is set up. Tax papers are important too but if the charity doesn’t have heart or show love to the people in need then the charity is not a good choice.

week 6

During my teams fundraising I learned that its hard if the team is not on one accord and you also need a lot of communication and good skills when it comes to it.

week 7

The person that I interviewd was my mom Grisel. I chose her because she always has interesting stories to tell. It surprised me that her life when she was younger was very different from mine and I learned she had it so much harder.