Week 3

my experience in creating my purpose vision and mission statements was very interesting! I learned a lot and it helped me see what I wanted to accomplish and how I was going to do so. some  thing I expect to encounter when reaching out to my organizations this week is HOPEFULLY  someone who is excited to come out and talk about their organization to my class !

Week 8

The way my team decided on which organization was best for my investment was by listening and asking really good questions to the lady who came in to talk for the organization.  my experience working with my group was good.  we all got along really well and we all had a similar goal that we want to achieve so they were really easy to work with.  we all agreed on the organization we chose, we felt like they handled themselves really well when they came in to speak and it seems like they’re a really authentic place who genuinely are there to help.  I can’t wait for next week so that we can hand out the checks to organizations I feel like that’s the moment when I will feel like everything that I’ve done this far has been for such a good purpose!

Week 6

something I learned from the nonprofit panel that’s going to help me decide how to distribute my funds was, specific details about the organization that you would not find online, as in :  stories about what happened while this person was working there and how they impacted someone’s life.  i’m learning from my team’s fundraising activity that it’s better to raise the money to give to charity because it gives you a sense of responsibility  and you feel like you worked for something good!

Week 5

I am learning many things about the various ways to evaluate an investment in the company,  I do not see one to be more valuable than the other,  some things I am learning are  you shouldn’t just give your money to any charity,  be sure that your money is going to be of use to the people you are trying to help not the people running the organization.  I don’t find it too complicated to evaluate a nonprofit organization for a potential investment  in them,  I find it easier to do this when it’s something you’re actually interested in.

Week 4

some things I learned about my organization was that they are in a really good financial situation and they are stable and a really helpful organization! it’s important to look at the numbers before investing in an organization because you want to be sure that they are going to use your money to benefit the people they are suppose to be helping rather than putting the money back into themselves or the organization!

Week 2

From the brown paper bag activity I learned that me and my teammates have a lot more in common that I thought and that we have similar goals for what we wanna accomplish. My teams fundraiser will be selling candy to raise the money to give to our charity !

Week 7

My experience with my interview was really interesting! I interviewed my Mom, because she’s really involved and I figured I would learn a lot from her. Some things she said that surprised me were that she use to be so bad with her money and that she learned a lot from my dad about how to handle her money. Some things I learned from the conversation with her were that their is a lot of responsibilities that come with your money and you should always be smart about it and to always share, giving back is really important.

Week One

My experience with the MAD Cards was a surprisingly interesting experience for me. I realized things about myself that weren’t noticeable to me before, like things I didn’t know I was that interested in before. I learned that everyone has a different past and that past reflects off the choices they make with their cards.
What I hope to gain from participating in the Main Street Philanthropy Program is information about Charities and what they do for the people they are helping and how they operate, another thing I’m really looking forward to is the smile that it’s going to bring to those peoples faces when we bring them our donations. I’m really excited for what this program has in store for us.