week 5 ~ kk

I learned the multiple ways to evaluate an investment of a company. With today’s modern society there is plenty of ways to check the background of a company like checking their website, call, or email. For m group it was easy for us to go talk to them personally before looking up on a website about our organization since there located at the school! I find that it is relatively easy to evaluate a non profit organization because all company’s must post their numbers and information.


Week 7 ~ KK

my group and I have had a tremendous amount of progress in our fundraiser!!! One week we decided to do a bake sale and raised quite a bit of money Doing that and then over the weekend we set up a booth outside of Winn Dixie asking for donations and explaining what our mission was to do for best buddies and explaining what Philantbropy was asking for donations and my group was VERY successful with that fundraiser as well, and over all I couldn’t be more satisfied in all of the money my group has raised it is definitley a lot and I am happy I could do that for my organization! It’s been such an amazing experience my group and i have shared together !


Week 6 ~ KK

The organization my group chose that shared the same mission, purpose, and vision that we intended on was the best buddies at our own school! It’s amazing how inspirational the kids are and how truly unique and special they really are! The organization we picked has the financial stability to be able to survive in order to fulfill its mission most definitley. This organization stands for everything we believe in, everything they do to benefit kids and students just like us is truly amazing!!! There were several different organizations we thought about but what’s more important than helping out your own peers that attend the same school you do? No tone other organization could’ve changed our minds than giving to the best buddies at our school.


Week 4 ~ KK

what sticks out most to me during last weeks class was the section where it listed facts about physical/ mental disabilities. Which made me learn certain facts that I didn’t know previously. Such as one in four adults, approximately 57.7 million Americans, experience a mental health disorder in a given year. One in 17 lives with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar disorder and about one in 10 children live with a serious mental or emotional disorder, this fact made me want to do everything I can to raise as much money as I could with my group. There are so many people in this world that could benefit just the slightest with just a little effort and dedication from others.


Week 3 ~ KK

my group and I have collaborated on different ideas in fundraisers we could do to raise money for our organization. We called the people we needed to call to set up a place and time to make raising the money happen! Telling my mom about Main Street philanthropy and everything that we do to raising money to learning how to do tax returns couldn’t have satisfied her enough. She loved it when I did it last year and she’s even more exited that I have the opportunity to continue it on this year in making a difference.

Week 2 ~ KK

Week one was interesting learning about the brief history of Philanthropy. There were many specific and interesting facts such as in 1860 creating a boys and girls clubs of America which is organized by several women in Hartford, CT who believed that boys should have a positive alternative to roaming the streets. I agree to that, and that’s a type of organization I would love to help out as well. Continuing on, the most interesting thing to me about the MAD cards was how difficult it was for me to choose which organization I wanted help out, It was a hard decision cause I have so many different interest in organizations I would help, but I ended up choosing people with physical and mental disabilities and I couldn’t be any more satisfied with my decision.


Week 1 ~ KK

This is my second year being apart of Main Street Philanthropy. I enjoyed and learned many interesting things that I didn’t know last year and I’m happy that I get to continue this experience again, and improve on my skills. I noticed with the MAD cards that one of my picks was one that I pursued in last year. I feel very passionate about the three that I have chosen. I ended up learning when everyone was stating the three they picked and why they picked those certain ones was the same cards as mine with similar reasoning, or even different reasoning but with the same intentions, which I was surprised that my partner Seng and I had not if all but most of the same cards and similar reasons for picking those cards. which made my happy knowing there are many people who share the same interest and desires as me when it comes to helping that particular group.
Going through this journey for the next 10 weeks I hope to gain satisfaction in the way I participate, help, and make a difference in our community. Learning to do taxes better because I am still confused on that part even though I did do this program last year. I’m really looking forward to discovering and looking at all the different charities we can help that is within our community and outside of it even. It’s such a great experience and I am happy that I’m apart of it for the second time now!