Week 8

A) my team decided to pick best buddies  because we all believed that it best fit our cause and we are familiar with the organizations mission and fully agree. We had no set amount that we wanted to raise, the more money the better was our opinion.

B) Our group was great and we where all motivated to do our best by this organization so working together was easy.

c) next week I hope that best buddies will be thrilled with our donation and pleased with our efforts.

Week 5

A). It is important to look at a companie in various ways, from how they spend their money to how much money goes to management. To me I think a companies sustainsbliliy is the most important factor because it sows they are running the program in a way that will last.

B) I find that it is easy to evaluate a non profit organization because there information is easyly attainable and understandable with the steps we learned in this class.

week 3

A) our group strives to create awareness and acceptance for those with physical and mental disabilities in our school and community. Also we wish to have our donation make a difference in the Best Buddies organization at our school.

B) I expect for there to be questions that they need to ask to fully grasp what Main street philanthropy is but I hope they will try and be as informative and helpful as they can be.

Week 2

A) I learned that the things that where really near and dear to my heart had o do with my family. I also learned a lot about the people in my group. For example Emily absolutely loves the Beetles, KK loves everything to due with cheerleading, and Seng loves her family deeply.

B) Our team fundraiser will be a bake sale as well as setting up a donation table outside of Publix.

week 1

A) when I used the MAD cards I learned that all of the cards that I felt strongly about where relatively similar, they all had to do with nurturing people. what I learned about my classmates was that the cards they used all seemed to have had an effect on them at some point in their lives, which added a person feel.

B) what I hope to gain when during main street philanthropy would be a sense of how to donate my money to charities that really need it.

Weeks 6 and 7

Week 6

a) what I learned from the non-profit panel helped me decide that my organizations funds are well placed. What I also learned was that there are many organizations in our area need help to recieve money.

B) I learned that my group works well together. As a group we are understanding and layer back with fundraising but our plan is solid

week 7

a) I interviewed my mom because she knows how much I love best buddies and how I have a lot of passion for the cause. What she said that surprise me was that she knew from the biginning I the year when I joined best buddies she new instantly how much I loved it caused I talked about it all the time.


week 4

A) I learned that the “Best Buddies” program at Harmony is a complete non for profit. the teachers receive zero amount of the money they are donated, it goes straight to the students and the activities.

B) It is extremely important to look at the numbers of a company before you give them your money because you first need to make sure your money will be used wisely and that it can even make a difference. When my group looked at the tax return of Best Buddies as well as Give Kids the world it shows that both organizations spend their money extremely well, and the amount that goes towards the workers is very low so you also know they are doing it for the right reasons.