Week 8

The organization we decided on is Make A Wish. We decided to make an investment on that organization because it focuses on children with terminal illnesses. They don’t always get to grant all the kids wishes, so id like to help with making that attempt to happen. Working in a group environment is somewhat easy, you just have to have a good group that works together. It makes it easier when you have a good group that gets things done and does it right. Next week I expect to bring in just a little more money and to prepare my presentation for Make A Wish.

Week 7

I interviewed my Grandma (aka Nana), because she is older and old people really interest me. They always have such great stories. Something she said that surprised me is that she went to an all girls Catholic school when she was younger and that they broke her hand because she wrote with her left hand. I learned from the conversation that I should try my hardest at all times so I can become successful.

Week 3

The experience I have with creating a purpose is that it helps me with figuring out what my group is choosing what my group wants to focus on. Something I expect when reaching about to organizations is that there will be a lot of rejection. I know that not a lot of organizations wont pick up or call back. But I am excited to see whats to come!

Week 2

Something I learned about myself is that I love family and my religion; It gives me the strength that I don’t always have. Something I learned about Abby is that she loves her family & cheer, and also wants to be a teacher. Something I learned about KK is that she loves Competitive and sideline cheer, and she loves her big hair, its a part of her. and that last person I learned about was Emily, she loves the Beatles, being on the guard team, and she misses her dad. A fundraiser that my group, the Smartinis, thought of are selling sweets at softball games, sitting outside of a store asking for donations, and bake sales.

Week 1

Something I learned with the MAD (Make A Difference) Cards, is that I care a lot about a lot of different things. And that there are a lot of things I’d like to make better about the world. I learned that people care more about other things than me. For example, when picking my cards, other people in my group had picked a card like “Arts” while I had picked “Children”. Something I hope to gain from this program is to learn more about non-profit organizations and how they work. I’m so excited to see whats coming!

Week 6

What I’m learning from the non-profit panel is that it really helps connect me with which organization I like the most. It makes me even more sure of my choice to donate to that organization! From my teams fundraising, I’ve learned that it’s hard to make money because you can’t sell things for too much. People don’t want to pay much for things, and by saying that you have to sell things cheap, and that means you bring less money in.

I interviewed my best friend AJ. Because I want to know even more about him, cause I love him to death! Something he said that surprised me was that he volunteered at many different organizations, and how it helped him realize that he has it way better than some people do and he is very lucky and thankful. I learned that you should try to learn more about your close friends because you never know what’s happened in their life & it’s nice to know that so you can understand why they’re the person they are today.

Week 5

We are learning about various ways to evaluate an investment in a company. I believe interviewing them, face to face, is the best method. I believe that’s the best way, because they will answer any questions you have right away and you get to see if that organization is professional, and what you’re looking for. I find it relatively easy to evaluate a non-profit organization for a potential investment. But you have to make sure you look for the right things. For example, the 990s and rest of their numbers, interview them and/or go to the organization to see what it’s like. But the hardest part of this is actually getting in contact with people. I found that a lot of organizations won’t call back, even if you emailed them and left a voicemail. That makes it much harder!!

Week 4 Blog

-IMPOWER- Inspiring Life’s Potential.

-IMPOWER offers a continuum of care for children and families focused on addressing mental and behavioral health and child well-being. All programs adhere to rigorous professional, and service delivery standards. IMPOWER offers: outpatient services, foster care & adoption services, youth support, targeted case management, and medication management.

-222 Broadway Avenue, Suite 211

Kissimmee, FL 34741


-Email: info@impowerfl.org

-It’s important to look at numbers before you make an investment because you want to make sure you know where your money is going.