Week 8

We contacted Ronald McDonalds House for charities for an interview and felt that they justified their mission when answering their questions during the panel. They are the only organization we are donating to so they will be getting our full donation. I’ve always thrived in group environments due to my personality. So it was a breeze to me and we all were quick to agree yo each other and thankfully haven’t had to deal with any hiccups or disagreements. Next week should be interesting since we should be giving our checks to the charities.

Week 7

I interviewed my dad for this weeks blog because I didn’t interview him last time and felt like I knew enough about him but of course that means the opposite. I was mildly surprised that he donated to Saint Jude’s hospital mainly because I know he’s a good person just that he didn’t donate to charities. I learned that he doesn’t like to talk a lot and that money is the key to happiness.

Week 3 Redo

A purpose is always important in planning a goal and our purpose is to further the education of healthcare and the research of health/medicine in general. Our vision is to make a meaningful and lasting impact on at least one person in the world. The mission statement in my opinion is all of these combined. When we reached out to Ronald McDonald they agreed to come to our panel yo shed some light on their organization and how they benefit our community.

Week 2 Redo

I already knew a lot about Zach since we have friends since middle school, and Maria wasn’t at school that day. However I learned that Kayla was was Cincinnati and I haven’t met someone from there before. We planned to do a bake sale for our fundraiser originally however a lot of other groups were doing that so we settled on asking for donations from family members.

Week 5/6

There is more than just the aspect of how an organization uses their money as a means of evaluating a company. You have to go deeper, meet some of the people affected by them, ask them how their life changed after encountering the charity, for good or for worse. It also might be worth while to go to the actual site of the organization to see how orderly it is and how efficient they are at handling day to day tasks. Of course looking at their expenses is important as well but that is so superficial you should look around the numbers and learn the stories of the those affected and that will teach you more that just a tax reform. If the company isn’t tooting their own horn they probably aren’t proud of the work they have done in the community and probably aren’t deserving of a monetary donation or even your own time as a volunteering, which is also a great way to experience the daily life of a worker at the company. As far as straight evaluating goes, Nemours Children hospital is an easy answer to our donating problem. I will convene with my group tomorrow to finalize our plans however. Unfortunately, a representative from Nemours Children Hospital was unable to attend either of our interviewing sessions. However, it was still a valuable experience as far as seeing our other options like Ronald McDonald House is a close 2nd. I suppose I am partial to Nemours mainly because I known them since I was a baby and they saved my life. I am still open to other similar organizations like Nemours that help children in critical care, such as the Ronald McDonald House

Week 4

I am already familiar with Nemour’s Children Hospital and their foundation for the betterment of the health of children. They are also well renowned for there impact on the community as well as their advancements in pediatric healthcare. Reviewing how much money goes into paying their staff and how much is spent fundraising,   also how much the CEO is paid is very important too. Last year a group almost donated to a non profit organization that only takes donations as used cars and that is a red flag in itself. While that isn’t in the 990 forms it just goes to show that sometimes you have to do a little research beyond the numbers. The tax return form wasn’t promising as it was without knowing that. Nemour’s however seems to be very efficient as far as how they spend their revenue on expenditures.

Week 1

Despite this being my second time around doing this program, including the MAD card introduction, it was still fairly difficult to discern what my top six were let alone my top three. I felt like I needed a refresher on all of the problems around the world and the charities involved in remedying them. I plan to go into the medical field so I naturally gravitated towards the Medical Research, Medical Services, and Child Care cards. I chose the Child Card because I will probably specialize under pediatric physical therapy. I had an excellent experience last time in this program as far as learning about the charities and traveling around to the actual so I’m sure this time through will be just as fulfilling..