week 7

I interviewed my mom because she is really the only mentor in my life because i only live with her and all my other family members or coaches live far. I also know shes accomplished a lot and has a very interesting outlook on life. Something she said that surprised me is that she lived in 15 different towns growing up, i could never imagine. I learned through this interview that despite the obstacles in my moms life she has always managed to get pass them and grow stronger from them, I hope to be like that when i encounter life changing events.

week 6

When listening to the non-profit panel i learned about what it really takes to run a charity. They panel discussed the number of employees need and how many volunteers work each day. I also learned the mission statements of the various charities and what their main purpose is. This helped us decide what charities had the most involvement and really how much help they need to stay grounded. While doing my teams fundraising i am learning that it is important not to procrastinate and the fundraising system can be a bit out of our control. Also i am learning to find time efficient ways of earning money.

week 4

I learned that give kids the world is building a new building that could really use our funding. I also learned that the partner with many outside hotels to make sure no family is ever turned down. It is important to look at the numbers to ensure that the charity is using its money wisely. You can tell from the return how much the use on employee salary and how much they give to their cause. another thing is cost to raise 1 dollar. If it takes to much to raise one dollar they probably aren’t working hard or they aren’t fundraising well enough.

week three

My experience was very eye opening.It allowed me to understand what the purpose of this project is. I learned what our group wants to achieve and the group of people we want to aim toward helping. I expect to talk to someone very grateful and excited to join the program. Also someone is very willing to come in to speak but it may be hard at first to reach them.

Week two

I learned that my life basically revolves around cheer, most things in my bag had to do with it. I learned that Nicole is from New York and so is most her family. Also her necklace was given to get by her grandma. I also learned that Taylor is into youtube and loves to draw.she also really loves music. Yessica like photography. Our team fundraiser is selling chocolate bars and we will start soon.

week one

While doing the MAD cards I learned that I graduate more toward helping families and children.I found it interesting that most of the class put a topic that helps children this tells me that we have a heart for the youth. When participating in the philanthropy program I hope to learn what an impact I can make on others and know how to do it wisely in the future.

Week 5

A) You can evaluate a company in many ways, but only certain are effective. I think one of the most effective is an interview because you know you will get honest answers to your questions. A semi effective way is looking at the tax return. Companies can lie or purposely make their numbers bigger to be granted a better tax grant. I’m learning that there is a lot of ways to investigate.

B) I am learning that it is kind of difficult to evaluate non-profit organizations. It is hard because they barely answer their phones and hardly email back. Non profit organizations should really get the communication system down so it’s not such a difficult process.

millie zehnder