Week 10

I am beyond grateful to have had this opportunity to do Main Street Philanthropy. Some things I’ve learned throughout my experience is dealing with tax returns, having to contact people, and helping others. My favorite part was actually going to A Place For Grace and Nemours Hospital giving them the check and taking a tour of their facility. It gave me a whole new perspective on how you can help local places, and how easy it is to sign up and help those places. When we had the ceremony for the end of the year, I was happy when we recongnized everyone and when Mr. Farnsworth gave his speech at the very end. I had a wonderful experience, and can’t wait to continue next year and the years to come it’s such a great experience. I’m happy to have been apart of something so great.

week 10

It was an amazing feeling to give money to Give Kids Safe Shelter. She told us that the money would go to help children in emergency situations. Knowing that the money we raised will actually help children made me so happy. I have always wanted to do something to help kids and this program finally gave me the chance to. I really lived main street philanthropy and i’m so happy u could participate in it. I liv knowing that the lives of children can be better because my group and I raised money and donate to Give Kids Safe Shelter.

Week 10

Main Street has taught me so much! From reading the tax returns, being able to work in a group, raising money. And to the daily life skills that you will need in life! I am so honored to have participated in this group. I loved being able to give back the community it makes me feel so good! Yes I am more likely to give back to the community in the future with my time and resources. The biggest thing I learned is giving feels better than receiving.

Blog 10

I will most likely remember the feeling of giving the donation to the person. The happiness gleaming off the persons face is the best feeling in the world. I will also remember how to read a tax return, being responsible, and the steps that you have to do to just donate money. I am definitely going to give my time and money in the future to give to charities. It is an eye opening experience and I love every moment of it. I looked forward to every Thursday to learn more and more. This was such a good experience and this will go with me my entire life.

Week 10 : What Did We Learn?

Throughout these past ten weeks, I have had an amazing experience with my classmates as well as the organization. From the picking of the cards, calling an organization, tax returns, and to even delivering the checks, those were things I had never done before. Out of everything thing we had done in philanthropy, I will remember the excitement and joy from the people who came in to talk about their organization and how they became apart of it. This experience did change the way I look at everything,  from food to people.  I don’t take what I have for granted and I am thankful for this eye opening as well as heart opening experience. I do believe that from now on I will give my time as much as I can and give all the resources that I can give in the future. Becoming a philanthropist has genuinely changed me for the better.