Week 2: Who’s Got Team Spirit?

Week two of the Main Street Philanthropy journey was another success! In this session, we went over the previous week’s work and checked the History of Philanthropy quiz and I did pretty well. After all of that, our instructor; Mr. F, informed the class the groups that will be working with for the remaining of the 10 week journey. When we got into our groups, we discussed the 3 items that we placed in a bag that defined us as a person. Through this whole experience, I felt like I knew my group members more than I ever did since the school year has begun. I was struck with awe when I didn’t know my peers’ dream job, favorite college, or their favorite things and my group members reasoning behind each decision was thoroughly explained. During the second session, our group got assigned to the charities involving Health Research and Education. After we were aware about donating to charities involving Health Research and Education, our group had to decide what team name we wanted to have for the rest of the MSP program. We came up with the Disease Demolishers since this went hand in hand with Health Research and Education.

During the remainder of the class, our group had to decide on how we wanted to raise our minimum of $100 to donate to a charity. Of course we want to be able to achieve more than our minimum amount. We couldn’t really decide on what fundraiser we would like to do but most of the ones listed in the MSP handbook were pretty interesting. The Bake Sale, Car Wash, Garage Sale, and ‘Gather Loose Change’ were the ones that were more appealing to our group. I can’t wait for the next session so we can meet with our group and discuss other possible fundraising ideas!!!


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