Week 1- Year 2

This is my second year being involved in this program and I forgot how hard the MAD cards were to pick out. I actually chose different cards this year but I don’t think it was strictly because of a change in my interests. Last year my group chose to support the veterans and I still feel wholeheartedly for them, but I ran into a lot of issues last year by receiving negative feedback from all of the people I contacted. I really do think it matters how people perceive their first impression of you, yet the first impression can also be a false one as the person may be just as nervous as you are. Okay, as for what I learned about myself is that my ideals have been intensified through the different programs I am involved in including Best Buddies. What I learned about others is that we are much more alike than what I had originally assumed and I think this year the program will bring us closer together.

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