Final blog

Main Street Philanthropy has been an amazing experience for me. I’ve learned a lot of things from reading a tax form to researching different ¬†charity’s. This project has definitely opened my eyes and made me realize how many people really need help. For instance there over 3000 homeless kids just In Osceola. That’s ALOT of kids that don’t have a home or a car or even clean clothes that need help. So when I look at their life and then look at mine I realize that there are people that are doing much worse than I am, and it’s definitely made me realize what I have. The thing I will probably remember most is getting to see the people that we handed out our check too¬†faces. Being able to see how excited they were and I’ll never forget that experience. Yes I think I’ll be more likely to give more if my time and resources in the future because every little thing am make a difference. I am definitely going to continue donating money and volunteering at places to help out. I can’t believe the 10 weeks are already up but I had a great time!

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