Final Post

This has been a ten weeks to remember. I have learned so much and made so many good memories. But this program is so much more than a memory, It has taught me so much and it has changed the very way I wish to live my life. I have learned to read tax forms so I can continue to be informed about any organizations in the future. I have learned how to anlalyze people and companies. I have learned the importance of charity! And more than anything I have learned that because I live such a priveleged life, I must give to those who can’t live a blessed life like me. This is not only my responsiblilty, but it is also what makes me happy. Seeing the glow in the faces of our charity’s recipients was a reward I will never forget. Knowing the good that our charity will do is a benefit I always hope to contribute to the world. My goals haven’t changed, but i have added one, and it will change how I accomplish all my other goals. I will live a philanthropic life for the benefit of other. “Because i have been given much, I too must give.”

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