Week 10

Unfortunately, this Main Street Philanthropy has come to an end and I can say that I have learned a lot from this experience. Leadership skills, teamwork, and public speaking are all things that I learned from MSP and that will help me in my future. There were so many memories that were made throughout this 10 week process. The process of raising enough funds to donate to a organization and the actual giving of the money were both very memorable. If there were no teams and I had to raise the money by myself, I can say that the outcome wouldn’t have been the same since my team members were very dedicated.

Since our Main Street Philanthropy journey is done, I think I am more likely to give my time and resources in the future. I had an amazing time throughout this experience and I wouldn’t mind doing it again! I would love to talk to my family and friends about non-profits and how they could possibly get involved. I also learned how rewarding the final outcome is when you donate to organizations. I really want to get more involved in my community by volunteering more often.



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