The Final Blog:

It is hard to believe this program has already come to a close. Throughout this experience I have been able to learn more about philanthropy, my peers, my community, and necessary life skills. Going through this program for a second time has given me a new experience and left me with a better understanding of the variety of ways one can be involved in their community philanthropically.
I hope to continue with philanthropic endeavors in the future by donating of my time and resources. My eyes were opened to the many jobs located in the nonprofit sector. As I head to college I am even looking into minors that would allow me to have a part in a non profit. I enjoyed our quantitative analysis of the charities in which we looked at their taxes. I think it would be awesome to gain an accounting degree and experience and then use that to join the nonprofit sector.
I know not exactly what my future holds, but I do intend to continue my philanthropic experience.

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