Week 10

To start off with this course was a lot of fun and had a great learning experience. I learned things that will help me in the future such as working with other people, tax returns, and also doing what you want to do. I remember the first week with the card and different organizations on them when I picked my cards I didn’t really think it was gonna be all the important. But now I realized what is was for. I didn’t buy in to he program until about the third week when it really got interesting, getting involved with money contacting charities of your interest. Then we got to raise the money with the group with a bake sale and we raised $100 to donate to the charity of the groups choice. But we first had to find out if that charity was good to donate to by looking at there tax returns. After picking a charity we went on the Feild trip which was a load of fun and a great learning experience. Then actually being able to donate and hand the money to he charity knowing it was going to go to good use was a great feeling. I would recommend this course to anybody who likes having fun and learning.

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