Week 9

While doing this project I learned a lot and realized how many people need our help. My three favorite things about this project was getting to deliver the money of course because you could just see how happy they were that we chose them and how excited they were to tell us more about their organization. Also I really enjoyed going to the ┬áNemours ┬áhospital because I loved how much it was all about the kids and making them feel safe and like home and have fun because most hospitals are just cold and scary and you don’t have much to do but at Nemours it seems like there is a lot you can do. And my last one is getting to have the different organizations come in and tell us about there charity because you could really see how passionate they were and how excited they were to tell us about what they do. I thought it was kind of funny to sometimes because they would interrupt one another to tell them about how they could fix the problem or who they should talk to. Three things I learned from this project was that there are ALOT of organizations and charity’s just in Osceola county. I was amazed at how many charity’s would show up when I would google search my topic. Another thing I learned was that ever little bit counts. Like just giving a homeless person clothes or a piece of bread can help them out so much. Just like in A Place For Grace, they don’t give out all this money or by them homes but they give them a place to stay at night and clothes and food to eat does so much to a person. And the last thing I learned is how passionate people are at what they do. The people that came in didn’t seem like they were just reading from a script they seemed like they were so excited to talk about what their organization does and what they do to help out the people they support. They seemed like they weren’t just doing there job they seemed like they were doing something the love. If someone was thinking about doing this project I would definitely recommend this to them because it is a great cause and it really makes you open your eyes and see how many people need your help. And it also really makes you appreciate what you have.

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