Week 9

I really learned a lot from Main Street Philanthropy. I think my favorite parts of this program were, first of all, getting to learn more about what goes into donating money to a non-profit. I learned what 990 forms are, how to read them, and how useful they are, and also how important getting a qualitative analysis on an organization is. Another thing I liked about this program was getting to work with a group of people that wanted to donate to children and youth services. i think my favorite part of this program was being able to interview a people from non-profit organizations. It really opened my eyes to how much they love their job, and how much passion they have in helping others. It was heart warming to see them get so exited just talking about what they love. From this program, I learned how to read 990 forms, how to fund raise, and I learned more about the work that goes into keeping a non-profit organization running. overall, this was a really amazing experience, and I know i’m really lucky to have been able to participate in it, and give to a non-profit organization. I really loved being able to know that the money we raised will actually go to helping children, and that what my group and I did can actually make a difference. I would definitely recommend this program, and I would love to participate ┬áin it again in the future.

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