Week 9

In Week 9 of our Main Street Philanthropy journey, we finally got to deliver our raised funds to the organization of our choice. I had big hopes for this field trip and they were truly fulfilled. Our first destination on our trip was to A Place for Grace and it was amazing to see their facility. We also got to see the inner workings of the organization and how it operated. When we arrived, Mr. Gilbert  gave us a tour of the facility. At first we went to the prayer room, which was an amazing experience. Then we went to the place where the organization cooks and feeds the homeless every weekend. Being at this organization just makes me want to be more involved within my community. When we gave the check to A Place for Grace, it was amazing since the people were so grateful for our donation. The people that work there are really dedicated in their career.

The next destination on our list was Nemours Children Hospital (The organization my group donated to!!!!!). This hospital was phenomenal!! It was amazing in how passionate the nurses and other workers were.  We actually got to take a tour of this facility and it was awesome how everything in the hospital was done so the patient would be very comfortable with their stay. Our group gave the hospital the check and the workers were so happy and it personally made my day!! I can’t wait for the MSP Ceremony!!

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