Week 8

After our board panel meetings came to an end, our groups came together and discussed which organization was the best to donate our money to. It was really hard to choose since all the charities matched our mission statement but our final decision was to donate our money to Nemours Children Hospital. Before we made our decision, we looked at the qualitative and quantitative numbers. The quantitative rating for Nemours was a 13, so it proves that it is a great and stable organization to donate our charitable funds to. We determined the amounts to allocate by going online and looking at the IRS 990 and seeing if it was a good charity to donate to. We raised our funds by taking donations.

Being in a group environment has been a wonderful experience because it makes the decisions of donating easier since there are multiple opinions. We were all in agreement in donating to Nemours. I wish it was possible to donate our money to all of the other charities.

When we donate our money to the organization, I can’t wait to see the smiles on the workers faces. It’s amazing just knowing our group made an impact on other peoples life by giving our check to the organization.

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