Week 8

Our team decided on which organization was best for our investment by determining which person was the most passionate, and who had the most knowledge about their charity. We chose Give Kids Safe Shelter, Kristy seemed like she loved her job so much I would say she doesn’t even consider it a job because she enjoys it so much. We also decided to chose this charity because it was a small charity that we believed would benefit the most from our donations. My experience in working in a group environment has been really fun, I’ve gotten to know my team members better than I did before. It’s been great getting to know everyone in my team a little better, I found it easy to work in a group because we could easily agree on everything and we all get along with each other. For the next week I expect to have fun on our field trip and delivering the donations to some of the charities as a class. I’ve really enjoyed MSP and making a difference in others life’s :)!!!

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