Week 7

On Week 7 of our Main Street Philanthropy journey, we had yet another board panel meeting and this meeting focused on Health Research and Education. Luckily, the Youth Director that I contacted from American Heart Association came to the meeting. As the three representatives gave a speech about what their non-profit does, you can tell that they were equally passionate in what they were doing and that they were doing it for the mere good. Our homework was to interview a family member and ask questions that were provided in our MSP book. I decided to interview my mother because she has always been supportive of me since I was young and she is really dedicated in raising my brothers and me. Even though I have known my mother for 16 years, I was in complete awe when I didn’t know the answers to her questions. For example, I didn’t know that she donates money to charities from her job. Her explanation behind why she enjoys giving money to charities was breath-taking. I am really glad that I got the chance to interview my mother! I can’t wait to discuss how my interview went at our next Main Street Philanthropy session!

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