Week 1: What’s Your Passion?

During the 1st week of my MSP experience, We were given a stack of cards and upon these cards were a  variety of topics which included things such as: Hunger, Animal Care, Health Research and Education, and Children and Youth Services etc. I predicted that choosing the Top 6 out of the stack of the multiple topics would be easy as pie but in reality it was really challenging. Even though I wish I could have chosen all of the topics, I chose the ‘MAD’ cards that suited my personal interests more than others. After choosing the Top 6 ‘MAD’ cards, we had to minimize them to the Top 3 which was the hardest decision during the class. During the 1st session of MSP, I learned what charities/organizations I would most likely donate to (I never really gave it a thought before) and I learned what interests me the most! I also learned that my fellow classmates chose some of the same cards as me and I learned the reasons behind their decisions which made me get to know them better. All in all, My first encounter with MSP was an amazing experience and I can’t wait for the other sessions.

In the Main Street Philanthropy Program, I hope to understand how charities work so I can donate to them in the future. I want to learn the preparation in takes in order to donate to a charity.

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