Week 5: What’s Beyond the Numbers?

During the fifth week of Main Street Philanthropy, I am starting to learn that finding the charity in which our group wants to donate to is beyond the calculations found in the IRS 990 form. As we went over the calculations that we did last week, I understood that it is good to look at the quantitative data results to see how much money the organization makes and spends. But we also have to look at the qualitative data which tells us the quality of an organization. The best way to see the quality of an non-profit organization is by looking at the income of the CEO. If the CEO doesn’t receive a large income, you can assume that other workers get paid less. In my opinion, I find the qualitative data more useful just because you know where the organization money goes and what they are spending it on.

I am feeling that it’s difficult to evaluate non-profit organizations for a potential investment in our cause because you want to make sure you are donating to the best charity/organization around. By doing so, you have to make sure you thoroughly look at the IRS 990 form and calculate the numbers correctly so know whether the quantitative rating is good. I am looking forward for the board panel meeting and asking questions about The American Heart Association.

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