Week 4: Does It All Add Up?

When contacting The American Heart Association, I first called the main desk. The receptionist was very intrigued when I gave her a basic summary about Main Street Philanthropy. She was very curious about what we did. Unfortunately, she said she couldn’t help but she said the Youth Director would call me back. Luckily, Mr. Hansen previously gave me the Youth Director’s contact information so I emailed her. Autumn responded very quickly and she agreed to come to a board panel meeting. She was also interested in MSP and was wondering if I had any questions about organizations and how they worked. Just from contacting an organization I could tell that people were grateful in what we were doing and that they enjoyed their jobs tremendously.

It is important to look at the numbers before making an investment due to the fact that you need to know how much money the organization gets and how much they spend annually.  When looking at organizations tax returns, I learned whether it is a good organization to donate to by looking at the quantitative rating in our MSP journal and seeing the score it got.

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