Week 3: What’s Your Mission?

As we proceed further into our MSP journey, everything I have to say about this program are positive things! During Week 3 of Main Street Philanthropy, we got together in our groups and discussed our game-plan. I found it odd that I didn’t really think about how our group would achieve our mission to donate to a charity. Our MSP Ambassador; Mr. F, told us that our group had to make a Purpose, Vision and Mission statements and I thought this would be a simple task but it proved to be otherwise. Together we formed a purpose statement that really explains why our team exists: “To serve the community by promoting medical research.” This statement is so simple but it is straight to the point and pretty much sums up our groups main goal. After we created our purpose statement, our group had to make a vision statement which we had to state the impact/outcome that we want out of our initial goal. We had to write the statement individually but our group members vision statements were almost identical to each others. Our final step was to make a mission statement and in order to create it, we had to write out the steps so we can make our vision statement a reality! This was complicated since I didn’t really think about the steps it would take in order to donate to a charity.

I hope to encounter positive things while reaching out to organizations because it will help getting in contact with them so they could possibly come to the class for a board member panels. I hope to learn better social skills while talking on the phone to organizations because I am shy when talking to people with higher social positions.

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