10th blog!!!! :D

The main street philanthropy program that we have been a part of it was a great experience making me learn about peoples lives and how to give back to the community one of the best parts of this program was finding a group of people that have the same interests as I did week after week we actually made progress finding information on our topic and organization. Last week we saw the people that do not give them money on the field trip give that money to the organization in person in the drama room 😀 . We talked a little bit about the program and how everything went and we got awards it was just a great experience in all if I had to do it again I would and if someone asked me if it is A good program I would tell them yes! That you should do it and get excited about giving back!!! 😀

9th Blog :D!!!!

Well that was by far the best week of the mainstreet philanthropy program 😀 the whole class got to go to two places” a place for grace” which was I thought small at first but when we all actually went in it was very spacious it is divided into three Parts the first part is a praying room the second part is a feeding the third part is actually thrift shop they have with all donated clothing I thought it was a a great place !!!! After that we all go back in the bus and went off to the Nemours which is a children’s hospital our group “the power givers” gave them a total of $500 as a donation from our philanthropy project 😀 After we donated the money we split off into two groups and toured  the hospital I was amazed at all the technology that they actually used in the hospital for the children. After the amazing tour we all met up back up and’all had an amazing lunch and Mr.hansen really liked his spaghetti he said it was the best pasta he’s ever had (: after we all had lunch we got back in the bus and headed back to school I thought it was a great experience of giving the money to both places and I had so much fun!!! 😀 #ThePowerGivers #Nemours

8th blog:D!!! Sorry a little late

Im very sorry for being late on my blog!! But im still going to do it anyways (: so our group “THE POWER GIVERS” decided on Nemours hospital because it fits our quantitative rating with a 12 out of 15 which we thought was pretty good also we gave them a full 28 out of 28  on the organization overall analysis that made me happy giving them a full 28. The amount we are giving them is $100 😀 it is not a lot but like Thomas (the guest speaker from Nemours) said every penny counts!!! I really loved working my group and  working with them with the same interest as me “Hospitals and Medical care” . I found it very easy to work with my group because i find everyone in leadership class as my family members and this project made us even closer 😀 we all agreed on Nemorus very easily. And i expect for this week to finalize with my teammates and peping to give the money to Nemours:D


ps: sorry for doing my blog late.

7th blog!!! :D

I would like to report about the progress on our teams fundraiser!!! which us “The Power Givers” finished our fundraising about 4 weeks back by doing a bake sale at the student vs. faculty basketball game!  Some things I learned from this past week with yet another panel of amazing people 😀 that love what they do for a living is that at Nemorus children’s hospital is that they try to give people care with out giving out a bill. Another thing is that they do that because they have a trust of money and because a lot of people give money to them all the time. I was really interested on what Nemours had to say so that organization falls under hospitals and medical care so we will see what happens on week 8!!! 😀

6th blog!!! :D

Wow that’s what I have to say after this week the whole class got a chance to see three of the best power givers and how they give back to the people in the world. I was going to say how they give back to the people in the community but as we saw the girl from give kids the world they get people all over around the world. What I thought was very interesting and surprising is that the man and his wife built there Company from the ground up and investing their money in their time into  making that shelter. While they built The shelter the girl from give kids safe shelter makes shelter for kids and families in need. With all of them it is amazing and surprising the dedication that they put into their company so to say to put other people’s needs in front of theirs and help other people in need. I love this project:D!!!!!