Week 10

What will I remember the most about Main Street Philanthropy is hard question to answer, considering all of the interesting things I learned from the program. ¬†From learning how to decipher a T-90 tax return to just engaging in a simple interview to find out more about the organization from a more personal aspect and about how much the people that work there enjoy their jobs so much. So I suppose I will remember everything about what I did in this program, the people, the field trip, and all the people I ended up helping with my team’s donations. I’m definitely more inclined after this experience to consider doing more for others, and to appreciate all the things I have in life and all the problems I dont.

Week 9

When delivering the checks to the charities during the field trip, I couldn’t stop smiling because I loved seeing how happy Mr. Gilbert and the people at Nemours. I really enjoyed the experience as a whole and really would recommend it to someone who wants a fast track to giving back to their community. I’m glad I was able to take this opportunity to enroll in this program and meet all of the wonderful people I did.

Week 8

We decided on our organization because of Julia’s connection to head of the charity also the fact that it is local is a big plus because I would prefer to help a small charity in my community that needs my money more than a big organization. I enjoyed the experience of working together with my group, it opened my mind to others thoughts and opinions on charities and philanthropy. I’ve always enjoyed working with groups on projects and found it easy. Thankfully we all agree on the charity we plan to donate to. I’m not sure what to expect next week but I’m sure I will keep busy and entertained.

Week 7

For the interview I was assigned, I decided to interview my mom. I chose her because despite our close relationship with her, I don’t really know a lot about her views and morals. However, none of her answers surprised me about her past. I learned that her mom was in charge of the house in a way and paid the bills etc. Also that she started working at the age of 14.

Week 6

In the week 6 discussion/interview portion of the organization panel I realized choosing between which organization to donate to is not a cut and dried decision. All three representatives were very
passionate in their position at their respective charities, including the women who had only been there for 6 weeks! This panel separates the devoted people and their charities and the ones who are
just in the business for making some money. My group and I have already raised the one hundred dollars for our donation. We were fortunate to receive donations from family members and friends. Unfortunately our selected charity wasn’t able to make it to the panel, however the whole experience about learning about what drove each person into charity work was a very fulfilling experience overall.