Blog 10

I will most likely remember the feeling of giving the donation to the person. The happiness gleaming off the persons face is the best feeling in the world. I will also remember how to read a tax return, being responsible, and the steps that you have to do to just donate money. I am definitely going to give my time and money in the future to give to charities. It is an eye opening experience and I love every moment of it. I looked forward to every Thursday to learn more and more. This was such a good experience and this will go with me my entire life.

Field Trip

It was such a blessing to go on the field trip. We went to Nemours and A Place For Grace. It was a real eyes opening experience. When we went to A Place for Grace, it made me want to do at all the money to them because they did so much for the community. I was really happy that people donated to them and we got a tour. I hope to volunteer there soon. Nemours was also a special place. Their hospital is such an amazing place. I also hope to volunteer there too. I also hope to get a job there in the next ten years to help the community. I loved this course so much.

Week 8

My team, the power givers decided on our charity by looking at the quantitative and qualitative analysis. It also helped that the representative from Nemours was so dedicated to his job and it was not just a job for him. I really do like working in a group environment because I get to hear everybody’s opinion. My first impression of this course was that it was going to be really difficult trying to figure out the tax forms and questioning the panel but it was very easy and understandable. Yes, my group loved the decision we made and we are really excited to donate to them. Thankfully we do not have any disagreements in our group. I am really looking forward for next week because we get to allocate our money to all the different charities. Since we chose Nemours, we get to go on the field trip and visit the hospital which is very exciting. I can not wait to see the faces of the people in excitement. Even though we are not donating to Mr. Gilbert’s charity, another group is, I am ecstatic to his reaction and hopefully help out with his organization and see everything in action! Super, Super excited!!

Week 7

This week we got to interview three people from the health industry and you could see their passion for what they do. I really liked Nemour’s Hospital because the man was so into what he was doing and what the hospital does for the community is amazing. I interviewed my dad for the assignment and I found out a lot of things I never knew. First, he did not have the same technology that we have now. I did not know that he donated to six different organizations. For the question which asked what would you change in the world, he said he would try to raise literacy rates and had several points to back it up. I am really excited to share on Thursday and hear everybody else.

Week 6

I learned from the non- profit panel that they hire people who actually care about the causes and who have passion about the organization. My group was thinking of donating to Make a Wish Foundation. The lady that came was only working there for about 6 weeks but she knew her passion was for non profits. She even thought she was going to become a teacher and she majored in that as well but changed her mind completely when she noticed non profits. The other two panelist were also very devoted to their organizations, moreover than the Make A Wish panelist. This all helps us figure out who is just interested in the money and who is actually interested in helping the organizations. My group has completely raised the money from fundraising. It helps us understand that were not just giving money away, it makes accountable for what we do. My group had a great time baking and selling the goods because we all knew that it was going for a great cause. This experience has opened my eyes and I wish I could help out all the non profits.