Week 1- Year 2

This is my second year being involved in this program and I forgot how hard the MAD cards were to pick out. I actually chose different cards this year but I don’t think it was strictly because of a change in my interests. Last year my group chose to support the veterans and I still feel wholeheartedly for them, but I ran into a lot of issues last year by receiving negative feedback from all of the people I contacted. I really do think it matters how people perceive their first impression of you, yet the first impression can also be a false one as the person may be just as nervous as you are. Okay, as for what I learned about myself is that my ideals have been intensified through the different programs I am involved in including Best Buddies. What I learned about others is that we are much more alike than what I had originally assumed and I think this year the program will bring us closer together.

Week 10!!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience during this program and would gladly recommend it to others. What I will take from this experience are the things that can’t truly be put into words that give it justice. I have gained an immeasurable amount of respect for the people we interviewed, my class mates, and my teacher. I have discovered where my core values lie and hope that through my life as those values change, I can change too to stand by my moral compass. I have seen hardships of my own and have learned from seeing others that things can always get worse; I have to appreciate the little things I take for granted. I don’t think I am more likely to give more of my time because I was already so involved in the past, but I do think I am more likely to notice the impact of what I do, now that I have seen a new way of living: for myself through helping others.

Week 9

Three things I learned throughout this program are that charity doesn’t always mean money sometimes it’s just giving a little of your spare time to a person who needs it, how to read tax forms, and how important it is to have a game plan in order to have anything in life run smoothly. The three things I liked the most was getting to work with such a nice group of people, being able to see the influence the tiniest bits of kindness can make, and hearing the inspiring stories from my classmates and the people we had visit the class room. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone and everyone because of all the things that can be learned and how it can change a person, it definitely changed me.

Week 8

Our team decided to chose the Wounded Warrior Project because even though we didn’t get anyone to come to the panels, we know  a lot about them and trust what we know. I have heard about how this organization helps those injured in any way by war whether it’s for a family who lost a loved one who fought for us, those who were physically injured in the war, or those who have PTSD because of it. We chose to give all of our money to them so that  we may be able to make a bigger impact in the lives of others. The group I have been in has been wonderful to work with; everyone had an opinion and they weren’t afraid to put their two cents in. I loved the fact that everyone worked, there was no one person doing all of the work for the rest of the group. For most, if not all, of our decisions we had unanimous results; nothing we discussed ended in an argument. Sadly, I won’t be able to go on the field trip because I will be out of town, but our organization isn’t local anyway so I look forward to finding out what our funds will go toward in the near future.

Week 7

I chose my mother for the interview because she has instilled these ideals in me that you have to be a good person in order to live a happy life. She taught me that being around happy people will make me happy so by helping others and helping myself. I was surprised that driving impacted her so much because it is such a trivial thing. I learned that my mom taught me a lot more about charity than I had originally thought just by being a kind person in my witnessing it.