Week 10 : What Did We Learn?

Throughout these past ten weeks, I have had an amazing experience with my classmates as well as the organization. From the picking of the cards, calling an organization, tax returns, and to even delivering the checks, those were things I had never done before. Out of everything thing we had done in philanthropy, I will remember the excitement and joy from the people who came in to talk about their organization and how they became apart of it. This experience did change the way I look at everything,  from food to people.  I don’t take what I have for granted and I am thankful for this eye opening as well as heart opening experience. I do believe that from now on I will give my time as much as I can and give all the resources that I can give in the future. Becoming a philanthropist has genuinely changed me for the better.

Week 9 : Isn’t Giving Fun?

This week we finally got the chance to not only donate our money to our organization but also visit two organizations. The first charity organization we got to go visit was A Place For Grace and that was my group’s organization!  It was very exciting to be able to see the organization in person. Once we first stepped into A Place For Grace,  Mr.Gilbert talked to us about how they had to get A Place For Grace up to where it is today and what they still have to do to make it fully functional. After he had told us that, we went into their prayer room.  That was an amazing experience that I am very grateful to have experienced with my fellow leadership family. Before we actually gave Mr. Gilbert the check, he took us to “The Attic,” which was where their soon to be thrift store will be when they can have it approved to be one. Then, we got to have the chance to not only give them the check but also take a picture and it was wonderful.


The last organization we were able to visit was Nemours. I was honestly blown away on not only how it looked on the outside and inside but also on how the staff treated people. Once Barbara, the head of nurses, told us about Nemours and all they do, I was just in amaze with the whole facility.  Then, we got to tour the hospital and it was an amazing experience.  The way Nemours is built and the fact that they not only want to have the patient in a happy and peaceful place, they also wsnt that for the patients family and that’s phenomenal. I honestly feel like I would want to shadow a sonographer because I do want to be an Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. I’ve always wanted to be in the medical field ever since I was a little girl. After, visiting both of these organizations,  it made me feel thankful for the eye opening experiences that I will never forget!!

Week 8 : Is That Your Final Answer?

My group was the hunger group. Thus, we not only wanted to help fight hunger in “our backyard” or county but also make a difference. Once we got put into a group because of our choice , I was very ecstatic about working with my group. Throughout this whole experience so far, I felt that working with these amazing people not only made our charity choice easier but also meaningful. We all agreed with donating to the charity, A Place For Grace. I am very pleased to be able to help the hungry in St. Cloud but also change their life’s and ours in multiple ways.

Next week, I am hoping that we will get to see some of the people that are behind the reasons on why we donated our money to A Place For Grace and I hope to see joy in their faces. To me,  seeing happiness in anyone’s face makes me feel like I’m doing something right and I’m helping on making a positive difference in our county. I can’t wait to deliver the checks to the most awesome organizations out here!

For the interview I chose my father. I chose him because we have a closer relationship than anyone else in my family who are older than I am. My father had indeed surprised me when he told me that when he was younger he saved his co-worker’s life back in 1995. He realized that something was going wrong with him when he was on the floor in the parking lot trying to reach for something in his car but he couldn’t reach it. So, father ran over to see what he was reaching for and it was the man’s nitroglisorin pills. The man was about to have a heart attack and my dad took a pill, slipped it under the man’s tongue. Then he called 911 for an ambulance. Another thing that my father told me that sort of surprised me was that he used to volunteer all the time. I felt happy when he told me that. I’ve always known that my dad has a big heart but never knew he would like to volunteer.  He’s very inspiring to me in some ways. From our conversation,  I learned that through volunteering, my dad said it made him listen and open his heart up. I am very grateful that I chose my dad to interview because not only did I learn a little more things about his past but I also feel like this interview allowed us to bond a little bit more.

Week 6 : What Do Insiders Say?

Last week, was an amazing experience for me. I got to listen to all three of the people from their organizations and learn about their organization. It helped me decide on how I would distribute our funds by understanding what they do in their charity and what they do with the money they had donated. To be completely honest, when the owner of A Place For Grace talked about how he went to Laos with his wife and they helped them. I felt a connection not only because I thought that was amazing for them to do that but that I’m part Laotian and it made me glad to know what they did. Another thing about the owners of A Place For Grace is that they are basically running their organization from their own pockets and using donations to help feed, dress, and care for the homeless. I would love to feed them one day if I get the chance!