I wouldn’t change a thing

Mainstreet philanthropy is such an incredible opportunity to participate in. It teaches you the true value of giving, and encourages growth as individuals for the rest of our lives. Giving away the checks changes you, something I truly will never forget. Nemours is an amazing organization, and I wouldn’t change a thing about the experience.

Handing out checks

On Thursday, we took our trip to hand out our checks. This is the absolute best way to get an understanding of what you’re helping, and it teaches you better at why. My group donated to Nemours Children’s Hospital and it was truly incredible to walk around and get the tour of the facility. The staff is remarkable and world class, the rooms are designed in the most efficient and thought about ways, and the overall hospital desired to help the children out in the best way. I loved learning about the little touches that they do to make the children the most comfortable, such as giving toys before surgeries, letting their parents stay with them through the anesthesia, and simply changing the color of their room. Each room is designed to make their stay the most practical and comfortable. Overall, I know that my group chose the right organization. I know in my heart that this organization will make the most out of our donation and will continue to make a difference in children’s lives.

Nemours here we come

My group has officially decided to donate to Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, Fl. Although we had many great organizations to chose from, the choice was quite obvious. Nemours provided the compassion that we desired from a charity, the drive to excel which we required in order to feel like our money would be making the biggest difference as possible, and the impact on millions of children’s lives. I’m excited for our field trip this Thursday as we get a chance to see this wonderful hospital in person, and to see the many smiles on children’s faces as they know they’re being taken care of in this world class institution!

Week 7

Interviewing a family member is an incredible way to learn more about the people close to you. I decided to interview my father, the rock of my family. It really surprised me how passionately he took to giving weekly to different causes. I never get to really see that side of him as the funds transfer directly from our accounts, but he told me how we donate to various organizations. My dad grew up in a large family but with a small paycheck. He worked his way through college over a ten year period. He said how he really wanted to give back now that he’s so blessed.

This experience really opened my eyes more about my dad. I enjoyed seeing the soft side under his tough exterior.

Week 6

As I sat in my desk and listened to the different charities and organization spokesmen talk about what they’re doing at each, my heart really melted. I found myself daydreaming about volunteering there, and all that they have to offer to our community. It was really touching to see the emotion that each person brought to the panel; at one point, two of the panel members began discussing homelessness in our county, each with riveting passion and knowledge about the subject. It was truly an eye opening experience to not only just listen to what they were saying about their cause, but you could feel along with them the desire that they have in their hearts to help.

I personally prefer the qualitative evaluation over the quanitative. I understand the value of both, but I really enjoy listening to the passion that the people in the organization have. I feel that feeling one’s compassion and seeing their dedication to the cause would inspire more people to do the same, and would ultimately make the world a better place through their desire to care and help those in need.

As this is my second year in the program, it definitely is easier this year to evaluate the organizations. However, this being said, it still isn’t “easy.” Each new organization has its own quirks and values, and it is very intriguing to find these out. I really enjoy listening and understanding each charities point of view, and listening to how they are going about making the difference that they each desire to achieve.