The Last Week!

Although I didnt get to go on the field trip, I really enjoyed learning more about charities and nonprofit organizations. I am thankful that I was able to fundraise so that my group could donate to nemours hospital. Last week when u found out that we recieved $400, I was so happy! To be have the oppurtunity to help them in some way is amazing. Since going through Main Street Philanthropy, I have learned more about the whole non-profit organization world and I actually think I might be interested in going into that when I am older. When the representatives talked about how their experiance it really inspired me. I am so happy that I had this experiance and that was able to impact others lives.

Week 9

There were many things I really enjoyed about Mainstreet philanthropy.  One thing I remember is the first day when we decided which category we most valued. That stuck with me because I realized what was really important to me.  Another thing I like was the panels with representatives from some of the organizations.  It was amazing to see how much each of them really cared about their cause. They were all so eager for our help!  I also enjoyed searching for possible charities because it made me realized that there is literally a non-profit organization for every cause.  There are people everywhere who just want to help.

I also learned many things through Mainstreet Philanthropy.   One thing I learned was how to contact an organization. At first I was a little unsure about it but I think it was a great experience to have.  I also liked learning about the tax returns.  At first, I thought it would be really difficult and even maybe a little boring, but when we actually looked into them, it was interesting and I think knowing how to read them is a good skill to have.  Another thing I learned was just more about charity work and philanthropy.  I never knew that working in a charity can be a career.  I also learned that these workers aren’t just workers and that they all truly cared about their cause.

If I was to recommend Main Street Philanthropy to someone else I would tell them to do it.  I honestly really enjoyed every aspect of it.  It was a great experience that I think everyone would benefit greatly from.  If you have the chance, do it!

week 8

Our team decided to donate to Nemours hospital because the y scored high in our quantitative analysis and our qualitative.  What they do for the children they take care of is amazing, and the panelist who talked to us about it was passionate about what he did and was very enthusiastic.   I have really like working in a group because they help you understand when you have a question, they allow you to voice your opinion, and I think it’s great that we can all work together.  What I thought was pretty cool was that we all agreed to donate to Nemours hospital.  I don’t think we ever had a major disagreement about something and we all worked together pretty well.  I am disappointed that I can’t go on the field trip to donate to the organizations because I was really looking forward to that and I know that it would have been a great experience!  However, all that matters is that I was able to help in fundraising and working for the money we got to donate to them. As long as I was able to help, I am grateful for the experience and the knowledge I gained.

week 7

I had a great experience learning from my mom and asking her the questions about herself.  I decided to interview my mom because she is a great influence in my life and I knew that I would be inspired by her answers.  One of the things that surprised me was my mom’s description of a time in her life when she had an experience that changed her life.  It was great to learn that she had to make hard decisions like her decision to make new friends so she would have better influences. I was also surprised that even though there were differences from the way things were when she was my age, she also went through similar things.  These were good things to learn because even through the things she went through she always found so many ways to help other people and she always kept following what she knew was right. It was a great experience to interview my mom about these things.

week 6

I thought the non-profit panel was great because I was able to have insight into the profit’s actual qualitative factors instead of just looking at the numbers.  The organization that I had contacted in my group was Give Kids the World, and they were one of the representatives that came, so I was able to look into one of my group’s potential places to donate to!  The things that each one talked about, how much knowledge they had, and their enthusiasm about their cause were some of the things I was looking at and I think these will be points my team and I will consider when we are deciding which non-profit to distribute our funds to.  My team’s fundraising activity was successful and is now complete.  I learned that people were more likely to buy from our bake sale when they realized their money was going to a good cause.