Week 9

While doing this project I learned a lot and realized how many people need our help. My three favorite things about this project was getting to deliver the money of course because you could just see how happy they were that we chose them and how excited they were to tell us more about their organization. Also I really enjoyed going to the ┬áNemours ┬áhospital because I loved how much it was all about the kids and making them feel safe and like home and have fun because most hospitals are just cold and scary and you don’t have much to do but at Nemours it seems like there is a lot you can do. And my last one is getting to have the different organizations come in and tell us about there charity because you could really see how passionate they were and how excited they were to tell us about what they do. I thought it was kind of funny to sometimes because they would interrupt one another to tell them about how they could fix the problem or who they should talk to. Three things I learned from this project was that there are ALOT of organizations and charity’s just in Osceola county. I was amazed at how many charity’s would show up when I would google search my topic. Another thing I learned was that ever little bit counts. Like just giving a homeless person clothes or a piece of bread can help them out so much. Just like in A Place For Grace, they don’t give out all this money or by them homes but they give them a place to stay at night and clothes and food to eat does so much to a person. And the last thing I learned is how passionate people are at what they do. The people that came in didn’t seem like they were just reading from a script they seemed like they were so excited to talk about what their organization does and what they do to help out the people they support. They seemed like they weren’t just doing there job they seemed like they were doing something the love. If someone was thinking about doing this project I would definitely recommend this to them because it is a great cause and it really makes you open your eyes and see how many people need your help. And it also really makes you appreciate what you have.

Week 8

My team took awhile to decide on which organization we wanted to choose because the ones we were interested in all sounded good. In the end, we chose Give Kids Safe Shelter, because we felt that they were very dedicated to the cause and that they used their money for the right things. We feel that when we give them the money that they are going to put it to a good cause and we will hopefully be able to help a child in need. We raised one hundred dollars by asking for donations from friends and family members. My experience in working in a group environment has had its ups and downs. It was hard agreeing on some of the task we had to do; also, sometimes it was hard to get in touch with each other. I did enjoy working with the group because I got to see other people’s perspectives and it changed the way I thought about things. It didn’t usually take our group too long to decide on decisions we had to make. We all got along very well, and even found out things we didn’t know about each other. All of the decisions we’ve made everyone was happy about. If one of us would disagree, we wouldn’t argue or force them to agree, we would talk it out and each explain why we felt a certain way. I am very excited for next week because I want to see the look on all the organizations faces when they find out we chose them, and see how excited they are when we give them the money we raised; I think that is going to be the best part of this whole thing. I can’t wait for next week to come!

Week 7

The person I chose to interview was my best friend Ashley. I chose her because ive know her for about 13 years now and I never knew how she felt about charity’s and organizations. Some of the things she said really surprised me because I never knew these things about her. For instance, on the question about and experience you had when you were little that changed your life I didn’t know that she volunteered at give kids the world when she was younger, and I never knew how much it meant to her. I could tell that it really affected her. I learned a lot about her that I didn’t know, especially about how she felt about organizations and how passion at she is about it. It’s amazing how much I didn’t know about her till I asked her these questions. For some of the questions it kind if made her think and I could tell she out a lot of thought into each and every question and I could tell by how she answered the questions. Also this week when the people came in and desscussed what their organization represents I could tell each one of them were very passionate about what they do. And it just makes it that much harder to decide on which organization my group is going to decide we want to give the money too. I cant believe how close we are to giving the organization we choose the money. These past few weeks have gone by so fast. Can’t wait till tonsee what were doing next week!!

Week 6

Last weeks class really opened my eyes and it amazed me at how passionate these people were about their organizations. Each one of them were so excited about telling us about what they do and what their charity was for. It definitely made me appreciate what I have because hearing some of the story’s they told about patients they’ve had and what they have gone through was horrible and I couldn’t imagine going through what they have. I am finding a lot of people that are really passionate and excited that I’m interested in them. I really enjoyed getting to listen to what they and to say and the different facts they had about their organization. I am excited to see what we are doing next fir this week.

week 5

During this week we learned more about how to read a 990. I find this very interesting because you can find out a lot about the organization by just this few sheets of paper. For instances, how much profit they make, how much they use on the cause, how much the pay the employees, how much does it take for them to raise a dollar, etc.. Its weird because some of the well known organizations turn out to not be good at all. I fond it a little harder to evaluate non-profit organizations because then you cant find out that much information about them, you kind of just have to go at how passionate they are about their organization. I am looking forward to having someone come in and having them explain more about their organization. As the weeks go by i’m finding it a little more difficult to find an organization that i like because the ones that i was thinking about choosing turned out to be not as into the cause or they weren’t spending a lot of their profit on the cause. I’m just looking forward to finding the right organization and being able to give them the donation. I’m excited to see what we’re doing for week 6!