Week 8

The organization we decided to donate to is Give Kids Safe Shelter. The main reason we decided to donate to them was because of where the money goes. Also the reason I wanted to donate to them because I have an 8 year old aunt, that lives with us because when she was 10 months her mom dropped her off with us. The mom visits seldomly. But without us she wouldn’t have a stable home. I just want kids to be able to live the same happy life. I love kids and setting a child homeless hurts because it isn’t the child’s fault.

Interview :)

This week we were supposed to interview someone. I interviewed my brother over the phone. My brother lives in Tampa now with his dad. My brothers name is Justin, he used to go to Harmony High School. Justin was to say the least a “bad” kid. He got into fights, he never went to school, had bad grades,  and did other bad things. Everyone would tell him he would never about to anything. Every teacher that had him and then had me, had said something bad about him. Justin had no respect for anybody. And then one day he came to a realization that what he was doing was wrong. So,  Justin called his dad, Patrick, and asked if he could come stay at his house for a week. Of course,  his father said yes and he left. One week later he came back home and talked about how his dad does Brazilian Ju Jitzu and he wanted to learn. So he packed his bags and went. Now my brother has a job, he wakes up every morning at 4 a.m, he doesn’t do bad things anymore, and most importantly he proved to everyone that he could amount to something. That is why I chose to interview him because he is my role model. Justin did what everyone thought was impossible, but he made a decision, and that decision saved his life.

Meet and Greet

Last week we had some amazing representatives come from three different organizations. They really opened my eyes about this project. This was the first time that I actually realized what we are doing is going to make a huge difference. It was so interesting to see the similarities and differences in each person. Such as the mission trips that finally made them realize they wanted to make a difference. I am still not one hundred percent on how my group is going to distribute the funds but last week definitely is going to influence our decisions from now on. The only thing is that I want to be able to help everyone but we have to start small to become the best. I really hope that my group can make a difference.

What’s beyond the numbers?

I haved learned so much these passed few weeks about my organization. I have found the numbers of the taxes are amazing. The organization I chose has great percentages. All the new ways of researching the incomes and the amounts donated is really eye opening. I find it really easy to evaluate non-profit organizations. This is a great skill that I have learned and now I, for the most part, am finally starting to understand some of tax purposes. Even though I have had no luck with finding an organization to actually donate to finding out these new ways of research are really helping a lot. 🙂

Does it all add up?

This weeks lesson was all about the numbers. It’s so important to find out what the organization is providing with the money given. You don’t want to give to a foundation that is going to spend all the money on finances and not given to the cause. You can learn so much from a tax return, like what they spend and what the annual income to a family is. When looking at tax returns you want to find out the program ratio, management ratio, fundraising ratio, cost to raise $1, and lastly the sustainability. These are the numbers that will help you reach the final outcome of percentages to create an idea of what your organization funds. This is the first I have actually started to realize the hard work that goes into this business.