Week 10

Unfortunately, this Main Street Philanthropy has come to an end and I can say that I have learned a lot from this experience. Leadership skills, teamwork, and public speaking are all things that I learned from MSP and that will help me in my future. There were so many memories that were made throughout this 10 week process. The process of raising enough funds to donate to a organization and the actual giving of the money were both very memorable. If there were no teams and I had to raise the money by myself, I can say that the outcome wouldn’t have been the same since my team members were very dedicated.

Since our Main Street Philanthropy journey is done, I think I am more likely to give my time and resources in the future. I had an amazing time throughout this experience and I wouldn’t mind doing it again! I would love to talk to my family and friends about non-profits and how they could possibly get involved. I also learned how rewarding the final outcome is when you donate to organizations. I really want to get more involved in my community by volunteering more often.



Week 9

In Week 9 of our Main Street Philanthropy journey, we finally got to deliver our raised funds to the organization of our choice. I had big hopes for this field trip and they were truly fulfilled. Our first destination on our trip was to A Place for Grace and it was amazing to see their facility. We also got to see the inner workings of the organization and how it operated. When we arrived, Mr. Gilbert  gave us a tour of the facility. At first we went to the prayer room, which was an amazing experience. Then we went to the place where the organization cooks and feeds the homeless every weekend. Being at this organization just makes me want to be more involved within my community. When we gave the check to A Place for Grace, it was amazing since the people were so grateful for our donation. The people that work there are really dedicated in their career.

The next destination on our list was Nemours Children Hospital (The organization my group donated to!!!!!). This hospital was phenomenal!! It was amazing in how passionate the nurses and other workers were.  We actually got to take a tour of this facility and it was awesome how everything in the hospital was done so the patient would be very comfortable with their stay. Our group gave the hospital the check and the workers were so happy and it personally made my day!! I can’t wait for the MSP Ceremony!!

Week 8

After our board panel meetings came to an end, our groups came together and discussed which organization was the best to donate our money to. It was really hard to choose since all the charities matched our mission statement but our final decision was to donate our money to Nemours Children Hospital. Before we made our decision, we looked at the qualitative and quantitative numbers. The quantitative rating for Nemours was a 13, so it proves that it is a great and stable organization to donate our charitable funds to. We determined the amounts to allocate by going online and looking at the IRS 990 and seeing if it was a good charity to donate to. We raised our funds by taking donations.

Being in a group environment has been a wonderful experience because it makes the decisions of donating easier since there are multiple opinions. We were all in agreement in donating to Nemours. I wish it was possible to donate our money to all of the other charities.

When we donate our money to the organization, I can’t wait to see the smiles on the workers faces. It’s amazing just knowing our group made an impact on other peoples life by giving our check to the organization.

Week 7

On Week 7 of our Main Street Philanthropy journey, we had yet another board panel meeting and this meeting focused on Health Research and Education. Luckily, the Youth Director that I contacted from American Heart Association came to the meeting. As the three representatives gave a speech about what their non-profit does, you can tell that they were equally passionate in what they were doing and that they were doing it for the mere good. Our homework was to interview a family member and ask questions that were provided in our MSP book. I decided to interview my mother because she has always been supportive of me since I was young and she is really dedicated in raising my brothers and me. Even though I have known my mother for 16 years, I was in complete awe when I didn’t know the answers to her questions. For example, I didn’t know that she donates money to charities from her job. Her explanation behind why she enjoys giving money to charities was breath-taking. I am really glad that I got the chance to interview my mother! I can’t wait to discuss how my interview went at our next Main Street Philanthropy session!

Week 6

The organization that I contacted did not come for the first panel meeting but that didn’t limit the information that I received while participating in the board meeting. Just learning the back stories of how the individuals were first introduced to non-profits was phenomenal. Also understanding how non-profit organizations changed their life was very heart-warming. The multiple questions that were offered on the list helped give us an insight in what to ask the executive/board panel members. Even though a representative from my organization wasn’t there for the first meeting, I had no problem asking questions to other organizations. The variety of questions gave us an understanding in why the organization was formed and how dedicated the workers are to their job. Although 2/3 representatives charities were involved in poverty/homelessness, you can tell all three of the non-profits shared the common goal of making the world a better place. I can’t wait until our next board panel meeting!

Our group is planning on getting our funds by receiving a certain percentage of the proceeds of pictures with animals at Wild Florida. Our group has to determine a certain weekend in which all of us can be there at Wild Florida!