week 10

Main Street Philanthropy is such an amazing program. I am very greatful to ave been apart of the program with so many great people. What I will remember the most about Main Street Philanthropy is that i mad a difference in someones life. I may not ever know who I helped or how I help in any specific way but I know that I have helped.And because of this program I will be giving more time and resorces in the future. I will be giving more time because this expirence showed me that even the slightest bit can help so many peoeple. And all the things that i have learned and expirenced has really opened my eyes and my heart. I am greatful to have been able to been apart of Main Street Philanthropy!

week 9

Delivering the checks to the organizations we selected made me feel amazing. Just getting the chance to donate some money to a good cause was very heart warming. A place for Grace was very nice because it is a smaller organization and you can tell that the money that we faised is really helpful. And when we visited Nemurs it was a bigger organization but are money was also greatly appreciated. And getting to see the hospital and what we could do to change some things was very special and something that I will always remember.

week 8

My team decided that Give Kids Safe Shelter was the best for out investment because it fit perfectly with our mission statement and it was something we were all very interested in being involved in. Well the amount of money we decided upon was the all the money that we raised. My experience in working with my group was excellent. Working in my group was very easy. When we made plans they followed through and went exactly as planned. All of the people in my group agreed upon all of the same things. We didn’t have any real disagreement because if we had other opinions we expressed them and worked through them. I am excited that we get to meet some of the people we will donate the money to and make it feel like we really are making a difference in our communities. I am very grateful to have an opportunity like this in my high school career.

week 7

I interviewed Craig Carnell. I interviewed Craig because he is my mentor in the athletic Training Program and has been for almost 4 years now. What Craig said the surprised me by saying was about the last question that we asked. which was, What are some secrets to a joyful and fulfilling life? And he answered was do the stuff you can in your life and don’t worry about the stuff you cant control. Which is what I am many people need to learn from life. What I learned from my conversation with Craig Carnell is that I asked him questions that I have never thought to ask before and I learned things that I never knew about him before. Like when he was 9 years old he almost died from a bee sting and went into anafacletic shock and almost died. And when he was a senior in High School he didn’t wrestle his hardest in the state qualifier in wrestling and didn’t make it because he had a poor attitude. and he admitted to me that he regrets it every single day that he didn’t work his hardest to do what he knew he could have done. Which makes him try his hardest in everything he does today to achieve what he is working for in life.

week 6

This weeks class really touched my heart! Everything that every orginization that came in really mde me want to volinter and made me really want to help the community. What I learned from the nonprofit panel is that there are many kids in out own community really do need help. I could believe that statistics that they were chooting out at us about how many kids are homeless. We have planned our fund raising activity and my group and I are very excited to be able to make a difference. And even raising a hundred dollars really makes me feel fortunate to be part of the program so that I can expirence these types of things.