week 10

It was an amazing feeling to give money to Give Kids Safe Shelter. She told us that the money would go to help children in emergency situations. Knowing that the money we raised will actually help children made me so happy. I have always wanted to do something to help kids and this program finally gave me the chance to. I really lived main street philanthropy and i’m so happy u could participate in it. I liv knowing that the lives of children can be better because my group and I raised money and donate to Give Kids Safe Shelter.

Week 9

I really learned a lot from Main Street Philanthropy. I think my favorite parts of this program were, first of all, getting to learn more about what goes into donating money to a non-profit. I learned what 990 forms are, how to read them, and how useful they are, and also how important getting a qualitative analysis on an organization is. Another thing I liked about this program was getting to work with a group of people that wanted to donate to children and youth services. i think my favorite part of this program was being able to interview a people from non-profit organizations. It really opened my eyes to how much they love their job, and how much passion they have in helping others. It was heart warming to see them get so exited just talking about what they love. From this program, I learned how to read 990 forms, how to fund raise, and I learned more about the work that goes into keeping a non-profit organization running. overall, this was a really amazing experience, and I know i’m really lucky to have been able to participate in it, and give to a non-profit organization. I really loved being able to know that the money we raised will actually go to helping children, and that what my group and I did can actually make a difference. I would definitely recommend this program, and I would love to participate  in it again in the future.

Week 8

My team decided to donate our money to Give Kids Safe Shelter. We chose this organization, because we talked to their committee chairwoman, and I think she really warmed all of our hearts. Her intentions were completely severe, and we could tell she absolutely loved her job. Also, Give Kids Safe Shelter is a smaller organization, and yet they do so much for our community. Since they are smaller, we decided our money would be put into better use by them, because they need it more than any other larger organization. I think my group worked together really well together. We made decisions easily and all put in our best efforts. I liked working with a group because this was my first time with Main Street Philanthropy, so if I was confused or had nay questions, I could ask my group members. I’m disappointed because I want to be their to donate the money but unfortunately I can’t. I was seriously looking forward to being able to give them our money, especially because I contacted Give Kids Safe Shelter and got to talk to many of the people that work their, not just the one that came into our class. They were all so exited and kept asking me what my name is, and how I found their organization, and how thankful they would be if we donated to them. So I’m upset I can’t go, but I know I did my part to help as much as I could.

Week 7

I interviewed my dad. Some things that surprised me were how things were different then than they are today, because he said gas was only $1 a gallon. I liked hearing about a time when he felt like he made a difference in someone’s life, and when the experience he had when he was young that changed his life, which was reading The Book of Mormon. His answer for the last question about secrets to a joyful life were things that I think are important too like family, selflessness, service and understanding of God. I was also surprised to hear his answer to what he would fix if he could fix a serious problem that occurs in our world today. I thought this was a really interesting experience because I learned a lot about my dad. I was going to ask him the questions verbally, but instead i had him right them down because I felt like he would give more emotional answers that way. This was a very enlightening experience and I’m glad I did it. 🙂

Week 6

I really enjoyed listening to representatives from all the charities. The person that came to represent Give Kids Safe Shelter was who I contacted so it was a good experience to hear her talk about her non-profit in person. Listening to all of them made me realize how passionate they all are, and how much they care about what they do. I think the qualitative observation was more helpful in this case, because even if not all the numbers were good in their 990’s, they were honestly working for a good cause. we had a good variety of non-profits, because some were huge organizations like Give Kids the World, and we also had other smaller non-profits. It was really cool that no matter how much funding they got, or how large their organization was, they all seemed to be able to sympathize with each other, and understand each others struggles.


My team is still working on our fundraiser, and we will probably do a bake sale at one of the baseball or softball games. I think we still have to get permission and set a date, so hopefully my group and I can talk about our fundraiser this coming week. Overall I have had a really good experience with this project, and I’m looking forward to raising money for our non-profit organization!