Week 10

To start off with this course was a lot of fun and had a great learning experience. I learned things that will help me in the future such as working with other people, tax returns, and also doing what you want to do. I remember the first week with the card and different organizations on them when I picked my cards I didn’t really think it was gonna be all the important. But now I realized what is was for. I didn’t buy in to he program until about the third week when it really got interesting, getting involved with money contacting charities of your interest. Then we got to raise the money with the group with a bake sale and we raised $100 to donate to the charity of the groups choice. But we first had to find out if that charity was good to donate to by looking at there tax returns. After picking a charity we went on the Feild trip which was a load of fun and a great learning experience. Then actually being able to donate and hand the money to he charity knowing it was going to go to good use was a great feeling. I would recommend this course to anybody who likes having fun and learning.

Feild trip

Last week we got to travel to a place for grace and Nemours Hospital, they were both very interesting Mr. Gilbert, the founder of place for grace, has a huge heart everything he has done has been to benefit other people. I plan on volunteering for him in future. When we were at Nemours Hospital I was amazed at the size of it. It was a very modern looking place and a lot of cool features for the kids at the hospital. I think the coolest thing was the ability to change the color of the room and also to talk to other patients in different rooms. They really shaped the hospital for kids to be comfortable and not be scared of the hospital environment.

week 8

In week eight my group, the life savers, decided on a charity to donate the money we raised from our bake sale to. We picked wounded warriors because they are a very well know organization and they had very good numbers. They do a lot for the soldiers that were wounded fighting for our country. All the money will be given to wounded warriors to make a bigger impact. I’m looking forward to the field trip, I’m going to be able to see different charities that were donated and also help people while having fun.

Week 7

Week seven was a lot like week six; we had representatives from different organization come to the class room to talk about what there organization had to offer. The gentleman from Nemours hospital was the fundraiser for Nemours. The hospital is wonderful; I visited my aunt while she in the hospital, she was getting a check up after just having a baby a couple weeks prior to the visit. It was very nice inside the hospital everybody was nice and enjoyable to be around. The gal from the American heart association had a lot of enthusiasm. You could tell she enjoyed her job a lot; she reminded of the lady from give kids the world in week six. The third lady was from the American cancer society. I myself have had family and close friends to have the difficulties dealing with cancer, luckily for them it was caught at an early stage and cure as quickly as possible. Week seven was very interesting and education, I learned a lot from week seven that I had no idea.

Week 6

In week six we got to listen to people from different charities talk about throw charitie they represent. It was very interesting to hear about the different charities and what thy have to offer. One of the speakers was a past coach of mine. Coach Gilbert coach me in football but I had no idea he did these kinds of things for the people. He really is a great man and does a lot for other people and I plan on volunteering for him in the near future. The young lady from make a wish foundation just started her job not to long ago but was very excited about working there. My sister has volunteered for them in the past and I’ve heard nothing but good things from them. All in all last week really opened my eyes to what’s out there and the different ways I can help.