Week 10

I have had an amazing experience with Main Street Philanthropy. I have been exposed to the tragedies of our community and the heroes of everyday who work to support those in need. I will always remember the passion of the board members of the organizations that came to speak to us in class. They truly were making a difference in the lives of others and showed me that I can make that differece too. One person is able to change the world through acts that put others needs above their own. I feel that I will try and serve others more because I have seen the positive impact one person can have. I am so blessed to have been a part of this program and will recommend it to anyone seeking a truly eye opening experience.


Week 9

My personal organization was not one of the ones that we went on the field trip to deliver the donation checks too. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a once in a life time experience visiting the two organizations our class donated to. It was such a privilege to visit and learn about A Place For Grace, a local organization that is helping feed and support the homeless in St Cloud. It was so amazing to see how our support of their organization brought so much joy to all of the people involved. It was also incredible to tour Nemours and see a place that was thought out to the texture of the elevators. I hope to become more involved with both organizations and it made me feel like a part of something very important to be a part of the checks that were delivered to Nemours and A Place For Grace.

Week 8

At our Thursday class last week, my group decided to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project. We wanted to find an organization that was local so that we could literally hand them our donation but we are proud to be able to donate to such a worthwhile organization. We all decided on WWP because it has a countable impact on the lives of veterans and their families. It is the perfect way for us to support the men and women who sacrifice their lives for our freedom. My personal group experience has been amazing. Everyone works together and does their own individual part. I find it very easy because our group gets along so well. We really haven’t had any disagreements throughout our project. For next week I am very excited to see the direct impact on the people at the organizations we visit when the other groups in my class donate to them. Unfortunately, my group’s organization is not local but I am looking forward to seeing Nemours and Mr. Gilbert’s organization in person.

Week 7

This week I interviewed my mother because she is one of my role models and had a very different childhood than I did. I was interested to learn more about how she grew up. Even though I had heard it before I was surprised again by how many times she moved as a child and the different places she lived (always on military bases). I learned from her more about her past and that she has a strong desire to help children in need.

Week 6

Last week my class had the opportunity to speak with members of a non-profit panel of people to help us decide how to donate the funds we raise from our fundraisers. The group of people shocked me by being so passionate about what they do. My group is focusing on veteran services so we may not be able to donate to the three specific organizations who came in but they really helped me on a personal level. They told me how I should go about getting involved in helping people the way they all had. They made it clear that one person has made a large difference to a massive body of people. When my team goes to identify a final organization I will now make sure that the people running it are as passionate about their work as the three members who spoke to us in class.

From my teams fundraiser I am learning that when people work together they can attain a common goal. We all contributed a baked good and Emily set up the order sheet and made it available to all staff at the school. It is awesome to see how the school responds to a need, they saw that we are doing a good thing and are willing to donate to a worthy cause. It makes me proud to be in that type of atmosphere, where a team of young adults can call on the staff of their high school to support veterans in their area.