The Final Blog:

It is hard to believe this program has already come to a close. Throughout this experience I have been able to learn more about philanthropy, my peers, my community, and necessary life skills. Going through this program for a second time has given me a new experience and left me with a better understanding of the variety of ways one can be involved in their community philanthropically.
I hope to continue with philanthropic endeavors in the future by donating of my time and resources. My eyes were opened to the many jobs located in the nonprofit sector. As I head to college I am even looking into minors that would allow me to have a part in a non profit. I enjoyed our quantitative analysis of the charities in which we looked at their taxes. I think it would be awesome to gain an accounting degree and experience and then use that to join the nonprofit sector.
I know not exactly what my future holds, but I do intend to continue my philanthropic experience.

Week 9:

This week we were able to get out into the community and personally deliver our donations to our organizations of choice. We were welcomed with open arms and were greeted by the friendliest of faces.  It was great to get to see the passion behind the employees and volunteers of the organizations.  This was an awesome experience as we were able to physically see where our efforts would be going and the effect they would have.

My team, the Power Givers, chose to donate to Nemours Children’s Hospital after looking into different organizations in the hospital sector. We were impressed by their mission to make a difference in our community and in the health of children nationwide. I was even more impressed with the tour of their facilities in which we got to see the ways in which they strive to meet their goals. Their state of the art facilities have been designed with the patient and their families in mind. We were also met with enthusiasm and passion from the employees of Nemours. I am excited to see Nemours growth and am glad to have been able to help their mission!

Week 8:

Throughout this program we have been working and learning within groups. I have been a part of the Power Givers, a group united by the desire to help the hospital and medical care sector. As a group we have looked into several different organizations that relate to our area of interest. By analyzing organizations quantitatively and qualitatively we have come to the unanimous decision to donate to Nemours Children’s Hospital. We were not only impressed by the financial analysis of Nemours, but also the qualitative analysis that showed us they are making an impact in our community and plan to continue to do so. These factors made our group decision of where to donate a very easy one.

I look forward to our next class in which we will get to visit Nemours Children’s Hospital and physically see their work as well as the place to which our donation will make its impact!

Week 7:

This week ranks upon one of the most impactful and inspiring.  This week I had the opportunity to take the time to sit down and interview my father on his philanthropic experiences. Though I am close with my dad, our typical conversation does not include the ways in which to best give of resources. It was surprising to hear of the ways in which my dad developed his views on money management and philanthropic giving. I did not realize how far back my families philanthropic nature stemmed, nor did I realize the extent to which my family gives each month. This was one of the best parts of the experience as I look up to the way in which my dad donates without looking for recognition; it is rather the gain in appreciation that drives his actions. When asked the effects of charitable giving on your personal life, I received the answer that philanthropy, and supporting the charities around you, creates an appreciation for the lives of others as well as an appreciation for all of the blessings in our own lives. I believe this concept is one that we are learning through Main Street Philanthropy and am excited to continue to be a part of something bigger than ourselves!

Week 6:

This week we were able to host a panel of members of non-profits as the first step of our qualitative analysis. From this panel it was moving to see the passion these workers had. Their stories opened my eyes to the many volunteer opportunities locally and worldwide. It was a very moving and worth while experience to have an inside look into the non-profit world. From this panel I learned more of what it takes to analyze an organization qualitatively.


Our team, the Power Givers, completed our fundraising activity. We each baked goods and held a bake sale during a school event. It was great to work together to organize and carry out an event. It was also awesome to receive interest in our cause from those at our school. Our fundraiser provided us the opportunity to share what we have been doing throughout the Main Street Philanthropy program, a description with a very positive response from our peers and teachers! It was great to be out working in our community for a purpose beyond ourselves!