Final Post

This has been a ten weeks to remember. I have learned so much and made so many good memories. But this program is so much more than a memory, It has taught me so much and it has changed the very way I wish to live my life. I have learned to read tax forms so I can continue to be informed about any organizations in the future. I have learned how to anlalyze people and companies. I have learned the importance of charity! And more than anything I have learned that because I live such a priveleged life, I must give to those who can’t live a blessed life like me. This is not only my responsiblilty, but it is also what makes me happy. Seeing the glow in the faces of our charity’s recipients was a reward I will never forget. Knowing the good that our charity will do is a benefit I always hope to contribute to the world. My goals haven’t changed, but i have added one, and it will change how I accomplish all my other goals. I will live a philanthropic life for the benefit of other. “Because i have been given much, I too must give.”

Field Trip

This final trip to the charities to give our donations was the best reward to this program I could ask for. It was amazing learning even more about these organizations. Seeing the inner workings of Nemours itself just solidified to me that my group was very right in choosing them as the organization we donated to. We got to see the hard work that was put into the hospital, but more than that, we got to see how specialized the hospital really was. The family and patient relationship with the hospital staff is the best I have ever seen. Seeing the money go to them and seeing the gratitude in which they took it made me look forward to future charitable donations.

Nemours Wins!

My group decided to donate our funds to Nemours Children’s Hospital due to the high quantintative and qualitative scores it had. We hope our funds can help continue to improve on Nemours’ already world reknown medical equipment and help fund further research into cures for life threatening illnesses. I have been so glad to work with my group to earn these funds. They have all been so ready to work. I know that this project has changed me for the better. The future now holds much more charity work, not just for others’ benefit, but for mine as well. Thank you MSP and Nemours!

Mommy Interview

This week we had more visiting embassadors and we learned more about charities. But I think more than anything I really appreciated my mom more. I interviewed my mom at first because of the convenience, but I found I was beyond pleased to really get to know my mom better. I was surprised to hear that my family donated to the special olympics every year and I never knew! I learned that my mom really values faith and family, even more than I previously conceived. She showed me how much she valued service, as she told me how she found it important for young people to help others and learn the blessings of service. And lastly, my mom surprised me when she said that if she could change anything she would outlaw pornography. Due to my personal and religious beliefs, pornography appalls me, but seeing the earnest belief that pornography is a tool of destruction in my mother’s eyes drove porn to an even farther corner of the world of unhappiness and misery to me. This interview truly left me feeling blessed for the mother I have,

From the Source

It was amazing hearing about the charites from these guest speakers this last week! I could see and hear their sincerity. It amazed me that Coach Gilbert was able to found and fund his own charity just because he saw a need for one and knew he could help. I have volunteered at Give Kids the World and I have always known it was a shining example among charities. I realized that even more when we heard from the guest speaker and I hope to volunteer at that charity in the future. These are definitely the types of charities my group and I are looking to donate to.   I can’t wait for the next session of guest speakers so I can learn more about the clockwork that keeps these important foundations afloat.